How to Change Your Tires

Any driver should know how to change a tire to save them-self in a road emergency that they might encounter. Flat tire can happen anywhere but do not worry because changing tires is not very hard. Make sure that you have carefully read your manufacture’s manual. Here are the steps you need while changing tires.

1. Pack your car safely.

In case of a flat tire, do not turn abruptly or apply emergency break, instead reduce your speed slowly as you look around for a good parking. Look for a level ground, as it will prevent your car from rolling. Do not try to change your tire on a narrow shoulder next to oncoming traffics as inattentive driver might hit you.

2. Turn hazard lights on.

To avoid accident, turn them on immediately when you want to pull over. They will help other drivers to see you.

3. Apply parking break to prevent your car from rolling.

4. Apply wheel wedges.

The wedges ensure that the car doesn’t roll, when changing rear tires, you should put them in front tires and vice versa. Breaks or stones can serve as wedges just ensure that they are large enough.

5. Remove wheel cover or hubcap.

If you have hubcap, remove them before lifting the car with jack.

6. Loosen plug nuts.

With lug wrench, turn lug nuts anticlockwise but do remove them yet. Thus, exercise needs a lot of energy.

7. Raise the vehicle.

Place the jack under your car. To avoid damages, follow the instructions provided in the manual about the jack placement.

8. Remove the flat tire.

Unscrew the lug nuts and then pull the tire gently towards you.

9. Mount spare tire on lug bolts and then tighten the lug nuts using your hands.

10. Lower the car.

You can now tighten the nuts, as you want. Replace the hubcap that you removed from the fat tire.

Put back all the items you were using and you can now take your flat tire to a technician. There are some items that you need for the changing of your tire. Some come with your car while others do not come with your car and you need to purchase them.

Items That You Need to Buy or Other Necessary Items That Should Comes with the Car

  • Flashlight with working batteries
  • Jack
  • Gloves
  • Lug wrench
  • Rain poncho
  • Fully inflated spare tire
  • Wheel wedges
  • Vehicle’s owner manual
  • Small cut wood

Having the tire change knowledge is awesome but practicing maintenance is very essential. Always remember to keep your tire properly inflated, monitor for tread wear and rotate your tires according to your manufactures guidelines.

In terms of buying new tires when the time comes, sometimes the bigger brands aren’t always the best option. Be sure to do your research based on the make and model of your car, the type of climate you live in, and make sure to compare brands to each other. A site like Tire Rack is great tire brands that perhaps aren’t the most popular, or you may have never even heard of them, but they come highly recommended.