Affordable Private Jet Options

by Calyn Ehid

Jet travel has become more affordable and a viable option for many in recent years. Commercial airlines have made it much more difficult to navigate the airport and find a convenient and affordable flight. Tacked on fees and long lines from the moment you step into the airport have made the idea of public air transport less appealing than ever before. If you travel often, or simply want to put a fun spin on your annual getaway, there are some interesting options for jet travel these days.

Things to Consider

If time is a consideration, flying by private jet can get you to your destination faster. Smaller jets can fly directly to your destination without any stopovers. Private jets can fly higher than the 35,000 feet that large planes are restricted by and therefore beat the air traffic to get you to your journey’s end quickly.

Hoping to use your time in the sky to your advantage? Jet travelers found they could get 20 percent more work done in the air over their airline contemporaries who said they felt a 40 percent drop in activity while flying the friendly skies, according to the National Business Aviation Association.

Don’t Worry About Running Late

And if you are running late, the plane will wait. Private aviation allows for those unforeseen hiccups that keep you from catching your flight.

There are more airport options for jet travel as they can fly from smaller venues and need less runway and staff than major airports. Smaller airports are also a lot easier to get in and out of due to less congestion.

Fees to Expect

Prices are comparable. The prices of commercial airlines include a round trip ticket for one person and all the time, inconvenience and aggravation it takes to board the plane. Add all that up and equate it to how much it would cost to charter a small jet for a group of a half dozen and the prices are comparable.

If you are considering jet travel, there are many favorable reasons to get onboard this trend. It’s not just about looking lavish or getting to your destination in an exceedingly comfortable way, although those are some impressive perks. It’s more about saving money, particularly for a family or large work party, and saving time to get done what you need or enjoy the people you are with before coming back down to earth revived and relishing in this lovely way to travel.