Online Teaching Degrees

by Nancy

Do you have a passion for teaching but haven’t earned the right degree and credentials due to lack of time? Have you heard that you can now earn your teaching degree through various accredited online schools and get started on your teaching career pathway? Whether it’s a teacher, a principal or school administrator your career path has to start with a teaching degree.

An undergrad education degree provides aspiring teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to provide quality education to their students. Many students lately are choosing to earn their degree online since the curriculum is just as rigorous as that of a traditional on-campus degree. Much like the brick and mortar options, online teaching degree programs also include student-teaching classes that allow for the student to gain real life in classroom experience and practice their skills.

The online programs will cover the same fundamental theories and methods that are shaping classroom learning. The courses will include topics such as lesson planning, classroom leadership, conflict mediation and behavioral science. There are also some online programs that offer specialized degrees that focus on specific grade levels or core subjects in schools like English, history math or science.

For those that are looking to pursue a career outside of the classroom and instead prefer educational administration, there are also special programs within the education program that prepare a student for that type of position.

Convenience Is Key

If for one reason or another you haven’t enrolled in school to pursue a higher education degree an online program might be your most convenient option. To start, tuition costs are considerably lower than a traditional on-campus degree. You get the same rigorous curriculum for less without compromising the quality of education you receive.  With the vast amount of online colleges that are available these days, prices of tuition may also be competitive.

In addition to tuition costs being lower than that of brick and mortar universities, the online programs provide a flexibility that you can’t get with on-campus courses. As long as you have internet access and a fairly up to date computer or laptop you’re able to connect with your professors, complete coursework and even take tests from wherever you are and according to your schedule.

Choosing a Program

Choosing the right program is going to be a decision based on the knowledge you gain by conducting some research. Another factor in choosing the right program for you is making sure that the school you choose is accredited. The accreditation requirements vary by state but in general CAEP-accredited teacher certification programs are what you want to look for. You’ll find that there are several accredited programs that seem to fit certain criteria but wouldn’t be ideal for you. You have to evaluate the school’s education program based on your specific needs. Don’t put off following your dreams and earn your degree online. You will that much closer to achieving your career goals.