Top 8 Best Places in Mexico

Mexico has long been a favorite of travelers everywhere. From the pristine beaches on the Gulf of Mexico to the ancient mysticism of the Mayan and Aztec pyramids, there are countless reasons to visit Mexico. The country is home to an incredibly rich history that has left behind its trace on countless locations. Cities on the Yucatan bear the marks of the mysterious Mayan culture, while cities closer to the heart of the country hold bear the marks of the Aztec empire. Along the coasts, remnants of the Spanish conquest and colonial era still stand. While the history of the country, which goes back hundreds of years, is fascinating to take in, it is just one reason to plan your vacation there. Mexico is also home to a rich culture and proud people. Mexican culture is evident everywhere you go in the country. One of the most distinct and recognizable cultures in the world, it has many draws for vacationers. The people of Mexico are incredibly friendly and welcoming and they offer countless activities to take part in for a good time. After a long day of taking the country’s rich culture, you can relax on any of their countless beautiful beaches. While there are countless places to visit on vacation in Mexico, eight cities stand out as fan favorites that are sure to show you a great time.

1. San Miguel De Allende

One of the best places to travel to in Mexico is San Miguel de Allende. San de Allende is a city in central Mexico that is famous largely for its architecture. While the city was long ago a home to local Chichimeca tribes, it’s greatest attractions are the remnants of the Spanish colonial era. During that era, gorgeous baroque buildings were constructed across the city, including the neo-gothic church, La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel. The church is still the parish church of San Miguel, but is also a gorgeous attraction to visit. Nearby the church is El Jardin Principal, or the Main Garden, a beautiful area visit on vacation home to beautifully raised trees and flowers of the country. The area is a must-see location when travelling to Mexico, and is a place worthy of stopping by even if San Miguel de Allende was not your original destination. Even when not visiting one of the historic churches of San Miguel de Allende, there is always plenty to do in the city. Because of a lack of strict zoning laws, many of the centuries-old buildings in the historic section of the town have been converted into businesses. You could spend your entire day walking the streets and taking in the local feel and culture when visiting on the these countless businesses in beautiful historic buildings.