Finding a Video Conferencing Service

by Nancy

Technology continues to advance the human race and making the quality of life for humans better every day. Business and everyday people are at the forefront of this benefit through advancements of technology.

Gone are the days where it’s necessary for the everyday businessman to be in the same building for a meeting or even to go to work every day. That’s all through the power of video conferencing. Video conferencing can be done through any number of ways. Through your tablet, phone, computer, and people who are thousands of miles away are now at your fingertips. It being 2021, you are not short on options of the many apps you can use to video conference and with the people who can join in your conference call ranging anywhere from two all the way to 50 users. Apps like Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Amazon Chime, Bluejeans, Rabbit, Pexip, and Facetime are the apps at the forefront of this.

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Comparing Video Conferencing Services

Slack was officially launched in 2014 and is a system that works using the cloud technology. Due to the ease of use and the market for video conferencing increasing every day. It’s one of the fastest growing businesses since they launched. They are a good way to bring a company together without always being in the same vicinity or room as your co-worker or prospective client. Your company creates a channel and once that channel is created you will have to be added in order to chat with anybody within the channel. Once you are added features like chat, group chat, and making calls become available and ready for use. You have the ability to make internet calls to other people’s profiles and as long as you have a working mic and speaker paired with a decent internet connection you will be able to use this service.

One of the first companies that first introduced video calls and conferencing was Skype. With the initial release coming all the way back in in 2003.  Communication is all done using the internet while using a mic and video by using your webcam. Skype to Skype calls are completely free but by adding debit card information or buying Skype credits you have the ability to call landlines or any number outside of the Skype network. From auditioning for a role, interviewing for a job, calling family, or sending messages to a loved one you are not short on options for what Skype can be used for.

Advancements in Technology

Today there’s not much differentiation between the phones people have, with the market being share being dominated by Samsung and Apple. That’s where Apple has the upper hand at being at the forefront for video calling. Apple with the iPhone boast the power of Facetime. Which is a face to face video call that is made directly from your phone? You need an Apple device in order to use facetime with your respective product being made after 2011 with facetime being introduced across the iPhone and other Apple projects during 2010-2012. One downside to Facetime, is the fact that in order to facetime it has to be apple to apple products in order for it to work. Another downside is the fact that they do not boast a group chat feature. At the end of the day for a quick call where you need an answer, you cannot go wrong with facetime.