Top 5 Best Cat Litter Delivery Services

by Nancy

When you have a cat, then litter box duty is something that’s always on your mind. It looks like a simple thing due to the various types of cat litter. It usually is more confusing to select because, if you choose something that your cat doesn’t like, you’re risking it developing litter box aversion. There are several types of cat litter to choose from, it’s just a matter of selecting the best for you after factoring in cost, quality and availability.

Some of the more common cat litters include clay clumping, which is made from bentonite. It is surprisingly easy to clean, and most cats like it. The second type is clay non-clumping; it is made out of clay rather than bentonite. Crystal, this type of cat litter, consists mostly of silica usually is best for controlling odor considered to be better and last longer. The last is corn wheat, and pine cat litter usually consists of recycled stuff, as the name suggests. Its advantage is that it is biodegradable. Here are some of the best cat litter styles and deliveries…

1. Dr. Elsey cat ultra premium clumping cat litter

This cat litter is delivered featuring a 99.9% dust-free guarantee with a two size choice and a multi-cat formula. It is an advanced odorless, thus making it suitable for litter delivery. It is the favorite in houses with a large number of cats. It does not contain perfume but leaves your home smelling great. It is dust-free and reduces respiratory problems. Although it is the best cat litter it has one disadvantage which is, it gets sticky when wet.

2. PetSafe scoop free self-cleaning cat litter box tray refills

This crystal type cat litter is delivered featuring three separate colored crystals, either blue, sensitive, or lavender. They also provide it with three disposable plastic tries and low tracking crystals. It is favored because it is convenient, and the availability of a plastic tray ensures no leaks. The crystal litter is an added advantage preventing bad smell by dehydrating waste. Although it is one of the Top cat litter delivery, It has a disadvantage that some cats have a hard time getting used to it.

3. Arm and Hammer unscented super scooper litter

It is a cat litter delivery featuring 99% dust-free guarantee and fragrance-free with rock-solid clumps.It is cheap and has a high absorption rate making it Top cat litter delivery. It uses a combination of ammonia and baking soda crystal that ensures no bad smell. It is one of the Top cat litter deliveries; it is not without its disadvantages, including cats disliking the scent, producing minor dust, and causing dirty tracks.

4. Tidy Cats Purina Breeze cat litter pellets refill multiple cats

It is a cat litter delivery featuring the best cat litter box with two size selection, 99.9% dust-free guarantee, and has an included three bags that are guaranteed to last for three months each. It dehydrates feces and absorbs odors, but you will have to buy extra padding because urine passes through to the floor.

5. Healthy Pet Okocat natural wood Cat litter

This comes with the featured best cat litter box with three size selections. It is natural, so it will positively impact the environment making flushable cat litter. Enables you to change the litter delivery after two months, and it’s biodegradable and flushable cat litter. It has advanced clumping, making it easy for you to clean. Disadvantages include it is expensive compared to clay litters, and its litter isn’t deep limiting absorption.