Top 7 RV / Campers To Travel With

With the wide array of motorhomes and trailers on the market today, finding the model that’s right for you can be a daunting task. Just the list of companies currently producing recreational vehicles is intimidating, let alone the number of individual RVs and their unique amenities, along with their sizes, prices, sleeping and towing capacities—the list goes on and on.

Before walking onto a sales lot or throwing yourself into online listings, looking for the perfect vacation vehicle, you’ll want a general idea of what the top RV types have to offer. Listed below are three motorhome classes—A, B, and C—and four trailer types—folding camper, travel trailer, fifth wheel and toy hauler—along with information to help you decide which of them is best suited for your travel needs.

1. Class A

Class A motorhomes are the largest and most expensive motorhomes currently available, with standard lengths falling between 26′-45′ feet and average starting prices ranging from $50,000 to $100,000, with more extravagant models reaching a million dollars or more. Either standard or extravagant, they typically possess all the amenities and livability of a well-fitted apartment and are the RVs best suited to fulltimers.

RVs of this class are usually considered easy to drive and, despite their potential length, require no special CDL license to operate. They are. however, much too large to maneuver when simply trying to drive around town. Another vehicle will be needed for this purpose; luckily, these motorhomes can easily tow cars, so a second vacation vehicle can easily be brought with you. Unfortunately, class A’s are also known for having more structural problems and safety issues in crashes than B’s or C’s, compounded by the fact that the elevated driver position and width of the vehicle make judging clearance on the right side difficult. Additionally, due to their size and weight, these RVs are rather serious gas guzzlers, especially when compared to the Class B model.