Smart Home Options Abound

by Calyn Ehid

When we heard the word smart homes in years past the thought of technology helping run our houses in any manner seemed like something straight out of science fiction. Today though, we have many options in which to add technology support to our daily lives in our homes. From ring doorbell options that are simple to install, and warn of movement and people at the front door to washers and dryers that can be controlled from a cell phone we have many options to enhance daily functions throughout our home.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is one of the most well-known smart home companions with the ability to control other devices such as televisions, timers, music and so much more in our home. Smart plugs, lights that can be controlled with voice commands and reminders setup for everyday tasks are just some of the benefits of Alexa. Amazon Alexa also has various devices such as show that can allow the video to play when prompted, for instance in the kitchen it can show recipes or instructions for inner on your countertop while you work.

Google Home

Google has competitive Google Home devices that do many of the same options as Alexa. Just as people prefer Google over other name brands in technology options, so do they like to have options in the smart home category. Get traffic, weather, and news just with a simple question from Google home and it comes in a variety of designs to fit your interior of the home. Family fun features are one of the calling cards of Google Home to include science quizzes, trivia games, riddles and other options to keep the fun going while mom takes care of must-haves around the house. Google works together with the Next products that control security and even the temperature of the home.

Brilliant Control

Finally, Brilliant Control must be mentioned alongside these other options. Replacing a light switch with this smart home panel can give you the ability to play music, control your lights, temperature and even security of the home. This traditionally looking pad is full of technology nuances right at your fingertips to help manage all the needs of your home, literally with the tip of your finger. This option connects other home technology solutions from Sonos, Ring, Hue, SmarThings, Ecobee, and others and even Amazon Alexa to allow voice control.

In a market where new technology solutions to enhance our living are being offered from Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Ring Doorbell and Brilliant Control to name just a few, options abound to make your living experience more automated. The choice now is exactly how much automation you desire, do your research on which devices will work best with existing technology in the home. What are your future needs and desires where smart home options would enhance your daily schedule by consolidating, and even offering remote options for those days when you forget the lights, locks or other needs due to your busy schedule? No longer a science fiction possibility, the technology of today is here to make your home a home of the future, today.