Intro to Psychic Readings

by Nancy

If you’re new to receiving a psychic reading, you may have some perceived notions about mysticism and psychics. Mysticism, which is the experience of a spiritual or supernatural union or direct communion with ultimate reality, is at the heart of a psychic reading. Consequently, a reading is a meeting between a psychic and client where the psychic presents information regarding the client’s past, present and future.


While there are many skeptics who question the validity of psychics and astrology, readings have been in practice since the 1400s and continue to provide solace to many people seeking answers and direction. Most people who opt for a reading have either unanswered questions about their love life, the general direction of their career or their overall life and relationships. With the help of a psychic, they feel more comfortable with knowing that they are on the right path, or alternatively, need to converge onto another path towards what is meant for them.

Needed Materials

Every psychic has their preference in terms of what materials to use during a reading. Commonly used methods are: tarot cards, astrological charts, crystal balls and tea leaves. Many intuitive readers do not use any materials and focus on the individual’s hand and energy to conduct what is referred to as a “palm reading.”

Discussion and Interpretation

Despite the psychic’s method of choice, most readings will begin with a few general questions, including birthday and name. The client may ask the psychic a question about what is weighing heavily on their heart. If the psychic is using tarot cards, this is the point where the shuffling of the cards will begin. Each tarot deck has 78 cards, and there are two types of cards: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

Each card under the Major Arcana, such as the Fool or the Magician, represent the larger spiritual picture which include forces that may be creating opportunities or blocks to personal development. Each card under the Minor Arcana, such as the Suit of Wands or the Suit of Cups, represent the simple features of life, such as: the people who one will meet and the connotations behind the meetings. After shuffling, the psychic will cut the cards and pull either one card or a spread of cards to then interpret what is revealed for the client’s future.

Truth that Resonates

Once you meet with a psychic, it is essential to keep an open mind and let the process take place. The accuracy of the reading will depend on the skill level of the psychic. If some parts of the reading resonate, but others do not, it is important to take what you intuitively feel is the truth and apply it accordingly.

A psychic reading will work best for those who have an appreciation for mysticism and are able to receive what truth is being conveyed. Receiving a reading from a good psychic can bring a sense of security, peace and hope into one’s life.