How to Find Landscaping Jobs

by Nancy

Landscaping is a great career if you want a long-term job with plenty of opportunities to grow. Landscaping typically does not require any sort of college degree, with most companies providing on the job training. It is also a reliable career because there is no shortage of homeowners or businesses hiring landscapers. You also have flexibility with how you are employed. Some landscapers work directly with a company, receiving an hourly wage. Others are freelancers who are paid per project. Many companies also provide additional benefits if you have a specialty. For example, if you are a lighting specialist, you may receive commission based on how many lights you sell.

Being a landscaper requires several different skills. Whether you are a freelancer or employed through a company, customer service is an important part of being a landscaper. You must be able to work with your clients to complete their projects. You also need to network and sell your services to build up a customer base.

Building a Career

Landscaper is a broad term that refers to a number of professions. The majority of landscaping companies encourage their employees to develop their skills and seek out promotions. Many of the managers or foremen in a landscaping company started out as crew members. As you work and develop more skills, you are gradually given more responsibility. If you want to specialize in a different area, many employers will pay for your training if you agree to stay with the company for a set period of time.

Not only are you improving your career, but you are also making things better for the company. For landscaping companies, experienced workers means taking on more jobs. More jobs leads to hiring new crew members, who learn new skills from the experienced workers. This creates a beneficial cycle where the company continues to grow, and employees get promoted and receive more benefits.

Indoor and Outdoor Work

A common misconception is landscaping only involves outdoor work. While the majority of the workers do work outside, there are other positions in a landscaping company. Production supervisors spend most of their time at the office, directing employees which jobs to go to and ordering new parts and equipment. Office workers act as a liaison between customers and the agency. Larger companies may even employ a dedicated mechanic for their equipment, especially if they own multiple trucks.

Important Landscaping Skills

Working as part of a landscaping crew is a physically demanding job. Strength is an important part of working on a crew, but so is your ability to pace yourself. Organizational skills are also an important part of landscaping. On larger jobs, you have a foreman directing you and helping you stay organized. Even in these jobs, you still have a great deal of independence. You are expected to prioritize what area to focus on every day, especially if you are assigned to multiple sites.

If you want to develop a landscaping career, leadership is an important quality. Leadership is critical if you want a management position, but even general employees benefit from strong leadership. The more experienced you become, the more responsibility you take at work. Employers want landscapers who can guide new employees.

Creating a Landscape Referral Program

In order for a landscaping company to succeed, they must be able to attract new customers. A great way to network and meet new clients is through a landscape referral program. With a referral program, you offer some kind of discount or benefit to your employees if they recommend you to other clients. Some companies offer incentives to both the recommender as well as the new client. If your business is still new and you do not have enough money to offer monetary incentives, consider maintenance service, such as free cleaning or lawn care later in the year.

Company Outfits and Signs

It may seem basic, but one of the best ways to advertise your business is with company outfits. You do not need anything overly elaborate. In fact, simpler is better with your outfits. All your employees need is a t-shirt with the company name or logo on the back. This way, whenever your employees are working on a site, anyone who passes by will see the company name and immediately know you are a landscaping service.

Another way to get the name out is to ask if you can leave a sign at the end of a job, saying the landscaping was done by your company. If you have any company vehicles, make sure your name or logo is visible on the vehicle.

Local Advertisements

Unless you are a large landscaping chain, the majority of your business will come from your neighborhood. An easy way to reach new clients is advertising your services through local businesses. Many stores or restaurants allow local businesses to put up a poster or leave business cards at the front of the store. Some even allow you to put a small advertisement on placemats.

In addition to working with local businesses, you can also take out radio ads. As your company grows, you can also invest in billboards or local TV ads. These are normally pricier options, but if you are only focusing on a small, local area, the costs are significantly less expensive.

Online Advertisements

One of the most effective ways to get new clients is online advertisements. In 2021, many clients find businesses by searching online. As a landscaping company, Instagram is one of the best resources. Instagram allows you to post images of previous jobs, showing clients exactly what your business is capable of. You can also create a Facebook page and Twitter account for your business. There are also sites like HomeAdvisor, which let clients search for landscaping businesses based on location. Angi is another site customers use to look for landscaping services.

In addition to existing online directories, consider making a website for your company. This allows you to put all the information you need in one single location, such as your general rates, what services are available or job listings. You can also let users create accounts to upload images and post reviews of your company.