How to Find Affordable Tree Cutting Services

by Nancy

Healthy trees in your yard provide a lifetime of benefits. Good trees increase property values, provide shade/fruit and protection from the elements. Damaged or sick trees have adverse affects, however. When a tree is overgrown or turns bad you might need to consider hiring professional tree cutting and removal services.

Why are tree removal services needed? How do I find affordable tree cutting services near me? As an average homeowner you might not have the skills or gear to properly and safely cut or remove a tree. Tree removal is a serious operation often requiring trained professionals, but how much does it cost? Read an informative guide about how to find affordable tree cutting services in your area today.

Why Tree Removal Services Are Needed

Why are tree removal services needed? Most average homeowners do not have gear or skills to safely remove a tree. The same is true for simply trimming overgrown trees of certain sizes. Professional tree removal services remove damaged, dead and dangerous trees from your yard using safe professional equipment. Tree removal gear is specialized and most services only employ certified operational technicians. Tree removal jobs are dangerous even when conducted properly. Motorized equipment with extremely sharp, powerful rapidly spinning blades is used. This type of high-powered gear is needed whether a tree is removed or cut/trimmed.

Tree removal services also extract dead tree stumps from yards. Even just the stumps of a tree are dangerously heavy and often require motorized equipment to be placed on flatbed trucks or in other qualified vehicles for hauling. What happens after a tree is cut or placed in a vehicle for hauling? Tree cutting and removal leaves dangerous debris in your yard. Tree removal services clean up and haul this debris away for you. Larger branches are placed in to wood chippers or shredders. These machines are highly dangerous and should only be operated by trained professionals. Do you need firewood for the coming winter? For an additional charge a tree removal service might cut your tree(s) into usable logs of firewood.

10 Tips for DIY Tree Removal

Are you qualified to cut or remove a tree from your yard without professional assistance? DIY tree removal is affordable if you are capable of doing it safely. What are some tips for safe and effective DIY tree removal?

Tip #1:

Evaluate the size of the tree prior to engaging in any DIY removal attempts. Only trees beneath a certain size and weight are safe for DIY removal.

Tip #2:

Consult a certified professional arborist for guidance and advice prior to removing the tree yourself.

Tip #3:

Once you decide to perform a DIY tree removal, prune all broken branches to reduce the falling zone.

Tip #4:

Evaluate the falling zone. Is the tree leaning to one side? Is it leaning toward your house, a car or your neighbor’s yard? Analyze the expected falling zone, clear the area of at-risk items and plan multiple escape routes.

Tip #5:

Water the area around the tree for several days prior to removing it. Wet ground is more easily dispersed.

Tip #6:

Measure the tree trunk. Every inch of trunk circumference equates to six inches deep of digging to get to the entirety of the root system. Roots usually extend as far out as the canopy of the tree, so plan on also digging a space as big as the canopy is round.

Tip #7:

Notch the trunk on the side where you want the tree to fall, top-cut first. Connect the notch w/a scored cutting guidance-line on both sides. The back cut must be parallel to the notch apex. Finally, make your felling cut.

Tip #8:

Use proper leverage to remove the root ball (only applicable to smaller trees).

Tip #9:

Once on the ground, remove branches before cutting the trunk. Cut the trunk from bottom to top.

Tip #10:

Safety first and always: Wear goggles, a helmet, thick/gripping gloves, earplugs and long sleeves. Be prepared to call 911 quickly if needed. Have a lookout present during the removal at all times. Keep your eyes on the falling tree without fail. Use professional-grade pulleys, rope, saddles, slings, ascenders & descenders.

Find Free Tree Removal Options Near You

Getting a tree removed for free depends on a combination of research, circumstance and luck. If a tree in your yard is located next to a sidewalk or public street, it might technically be owned by a municipal, city, state or federal government agency. If the tree is damaged and this scenario applies, one of these agencies might remove your tree for free. Contact your town council, city hall or local forest services office for more information.

A tree entangled in utility lines might also be qualified for free pruning or removal by electric, phone or other power companies. Certain logging/lumber companies might also provide free tree removal services. Conditions such as the quality, type and size of the tree might apply. Some logging companies only provide free tree removals services for multiple tree situations as well.

Advertising is another solution to help find free tree removal options. Advertise online using Craigslist, Angi or DISboards. Advertise in print via a local newspaper or merchandiser provider. Place notecards on grocery story and laundromat bulletin boards. Are there risks to this approach? Yes – Make certain anyone coming to remove your tree is a certified tree removal specialist, uses all necessary safety gear and shows you proof of insurance.

Tips for Comparing Tree Cutting Services Online

Do you need hot tips for comparing tree-cutting services online? Local and national services are available in your area. Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack have search engine portals for comparing tree removals services. Arborists Near Me is another credible rate-comparison website available in 2021.