Find The Right Construction Job

by Nancy

Construction sector covers a wide area ranging from a residential home, commercial and engineering projects such as roads and bridges. The construction sector is also one of the top industries that provides job opportunities and among the most important pillar of development in most countries.

The most common titles know under construction jobs industry are plumbing, electrical installation, carpentry, construction laborers, construction managers, engineers, and equipment operators. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, annual salaries of each construction jobs group is as follow;

Job group Hourly rate Annual income

• Construction Managers: $49/hr; $103,960/yearly
• Electrician: $28/hr; $59,740/yearly
• Carpenter: $25/hr; $53,150/yearly
• Laborers: $20/hr; $42,320/yearly
• Engineers and operator equipment: $27/hr; $57,660/yearly


The annual income can vary for part-time and Full Time Construction Jobs depending on the hours done. However, this does not differentiate entry level construction jobs and on expert level.For anyone trying to Find a construction job, one must have everything required for a particular job group. Interested persons should:

1. Go to school.

Go and pursue education because these days most employees prefer candidates that are educated. At least have a high school Diploma.

2. Join a trade school.

Apart from attaining a high school diploma, consider getting proper skills required for a particular job group for example, electrical, plumbing, welding, etc. This can be one by attending a trade school.

3. Look for an attachment

After completing trade school, you can look for an apprentice where you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your skills. However, there is no harm in doing other general construction jobs. Mostly, attachment takes approximately three months which covers both on-job training and classroom instructions.

4. Be certified.

After completion of your attachment, one has to seek for a certificate. A certificate is important because it gives a seal that you have truly gone through school and completed a certain skill. This gives confidence to the employer when hiring you.After that, you can now confidently go into the construction job market and look for part-time or Full Time Construction Jobs. Most likely, you may not find the exact job opportunity that corresponds with your skills but you may start with entry level construction jobs which are general construction jobs. In the end, you’ll land on a job that relates to your skills.

One may also opt not to be employed and be self-employed by starting your company and Find a construction job. For you to start a company, you’ll need to have the required expertise and experience and the following tips can be of great help;

• Conduct a name search.
• Have a good business plan.
• Register the company.
• Decide the Entity
• Apply for a license.
• Insure the company.

With this, you can now bid for tenders for both small scale and large scale construction. Large scale projects include public works or government projects works. This may include building bridges, roads, institutions, etc. However, before biding for large scale projects ensure that your company has enough resources, assets and capital because these projects are normally enormous when compared to small scale construction projects.