Finding an Attorney

by Calyn Ehid

Living in today’s climate one may need an attorney at any time. Many of us have passed by the lawyer signs where you see the catchy slogan telling you how much money you are owed if something happens to you.


In a serious situation you may have a hard time trusting the attorney that is smiling down at you from a billboard. There are many ways to find an attorney, just have to have the patience and ability to look.

Choosing an Attorney

With so many different laws and many different reasons for wanting to hire a lawyer you are not short on options; the hard part is finding a good one that you trust. One great way to begin your search essentially from scratch is to ask the people you surround yourself with, that could include family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances that could know a lawyer or somebody that could put you in touch with the lawyer you are looking for. Another fantastic way to find a lawyer is to ask another lawyer, they do not have to practice in the relative field to know a good lawyer to put you in contact with. The law community is very connected so the likely hood of a lawyer knowing someone who can handle your case are very high.

Women’s and men’s support group usually will have a list of lawyers that is always on the ready. Furthermore, using law databases such as Avvo and Martindale Hubbell, they both provide the focus of practice, where they are located, disciplinary records, and most importantly lawyer reviews. Staying with the idea of a data base, you can visit your states bar association directory which list all of the lawyers in your area. Legal zoom is an online legal company which offers legal advice from lawyers that do not charge a ridiculous fee in terms of hourly rates.

books and judge hammer

Asking the Right Questions

Before hiring your lawyer, you should prepare some questions to ask:
• Is consultation free? If not, what are your rates?
• When did you begin practicing law?
• Do you have previous experience in relative course work? If so what was your success rate in those cases?
• Have you ever been disciplined in your career?
• What are your rates? What is provided with your fees and do you offer payment plans?
• Do you have time on your plate to handle my case?

Choosing a lawyer can be a stressful situation but it’s really important for you to choose a lawyer that you simply feel good about. You shouldn’t rush into anything quickly without doing your due diligence. Lawyers that take a really long time to call back or simply treat you differently from day to day simply may not be the lawyer for you. Dealing with the law is always a stress so to help alleviate some of that stress choosing a lawyer that fits all your needs is necessary. With some of these tips we hope to put you in a situation where you feel comfortable with your lawyer and trust him to complete your case to the best of his or her ability.