Dental Implants

by Nancy

Dental implants help so many people! Learn about the benefits of dental implants, prices, & more. Tooth loss is all too common. Disease, injury, and neglect can all lead to missing teeth. In the past, all one could do to fill the gap was to get dentures or bridges. These are surely better than nothing but their shortcomings made people long for another solution. Fortunately, we now have dental implants that are considered to be far superior. The implants mimic the roots of teeth. They are metal posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone to provide a strong foundation. These can support either permanent or removable teeth, depending on the patient’s preference.

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The Advantages of Dental Implants

  1. Stronger Bite and Steadier Chew

Dentures require adhesives to stay put. They frequently get out of place. This makes it difficult to take a bite and chew, especially if you are dealing with tough meats and similar types of food. Eating becomes a chore instead of a fun activity. Implants are able to bring back the enjoyment with their steady and reliable presence. There will be no fear no matter what kind of food is set at the table. Go ahead and bite as much as you want. Chew everything with ease thanks to teeth that stay put as they should. Some prices start at $250.

  1. More Natural Speech Pattern

The unwanted movement of dentures often affects the user’s speech pattern. Words become slurred even if you don’t want to as things move around in your mouth. It can be incredibly annoying to have to deal with this. Some refrain from talking to other people and avoid public speaking as much as possible. With implants, there will be none of these issues. A speech will be back to normal right after everything has healed. The new teeth will remain solid in its place so they will not trigger slurring and other unwanted changes.

  1. No Alterations to Other Teeth Necessary

Bridges, on the other hand, require the dentist to reduce the surrounding teeth before the gap can be closed. This may be quite painful for those with heightened sensitivities. Also, not everyone wants to have their good teeth altered just to cover a missing one. With implants, the focus is on the gaps so the surrounding area remains untouched. Once the metal posts are in place, the new teeth can be put on top of them quite easily.

  1. Excellent Implant Durability

As long as they are well-maintained, these dental implants can last for an entire lifetime. There will be no need for replacements even decades down the road. This is in contrast with dentures and bridges that may have to be replaced every few years and require much greater care.

  1. Enhanced Self-esteem

Dental imperfections can affect confidence. It prevents you from smiling and talking as much as you want. You become extremely conscious of them while doing everyday activities. All of these worries can be swept aside through the installation of good dental implants. They will look and feel natural as if you never lost any teeth at all. They are truly worth the investment.