4 Ways to Make Replacement Windows A Success

by Nancy

Whether you plan to purchase one replacement window or several, there are several points to consider. Your home’s age plays a role. If you live in a historic district, check with your association and bylaws before you replace your windows.

Otherwise, the field is wide open. The options for replacement windows have a wide array of choices. While it might seem a little overwhelming at first, think of it as Christmas for your house. The choices are fun and innovative. Here are a few things to bear in mind when you plan to purchase replacement windows.

Know Your Window Terms

According to Consumer Reports, your window contains several parts. As you choose replacement options, it will help you to know common terms for window parts.

  • Frame: The frame provides the solid structure that contains your entire window.
  • Grilles: The decorative pieces of wood or other materials laid over the glass as an ornamental feature.
  • Sash: The portion of your window you use to lower or raise to open or close your window. Some Sashes tilt in for easier cleaning, others open from the middle.
  • Low-E Coating: A transparent coating applied to the glass. Warm climates usually have the coating applied on the outside of the glass to reflect heat away from the house. Homeowners in cooler climates want to keep heat within the house so the coating goes inside the windows for warmer indoor air.
  • Cladding: An aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass structure within the outside frame designed to protect the wood and eliminate the need for painting.
  • Insulated Glass: A sealed space between two glass panes filled with argon gas or air, designed to provide insulation between double-glazed windows.
window repair

Professional handyman installing window at home.

Discover Types of Windows Available

When people think of windows, usually they picture single-hung windows where the bottom part moves up and down and the top remains stationary. However, creativity has crept into the window world, leaving interesting window varieties to enhance your home.

  • Double-Hung: A window type with two sashes that slide up and down within the frame.
  • Transom Window: A small, narrow window with two sashes that open outward from the middle.
  • Bow or Bay Window: A lovely window type that protrudes out away from the house. It typically has a stationary window in the middle and two double-sash windows on the side. This is a good setting for a window seat and a reading hideaway.
  • Slider Window: Usually found in contemporary homes, these windows slide back and forth on tracks.
  • Picture Window: Large, stationary windows or window that can stretch from floor to ceiling.
  • Awning Window: Hinged at the top, this window opens out to allow airflow into the house. It can be a good window to put beside a picture window.
  • Casement Window: A window that opens from the left or the right using a hand-cranked mechanism to open and close it.

Where to Purchase Replacement Windows

You have several choices of places to get your replacement windows. Several well-known window manufacturers allow direct purchasing if you wish. Otherwise, they can direct you to a reputable dealer to purchase the windows you like.

Home improvement stores and centers have a wide selection of replacement windows. You might find it helpful to go there just to look at the various windows available. Small, individually owned hardware stores often carry replacement windows or can order them for you.

Choose a Reputable Installer

It can be difficult to know just who you can trust to install your windows correctly. Often, the window manufacturer or dealer can provide a list of local window installers. Usually, a dealer has an installation service available. Always check with your Better Business Bureau for any complaints or problems on file for a window installer.

Angie’s List is a reliable source where you can locate someone to install your windows. Most home improvement centers have installation services available and this can be quite convenient for you. Always check online for information about window installation.

Getting replacement windows is exciting and something you can do to dress up your home. Choose the right type of window and the best installer available and you will enjoy your windows for years to come.