Top 7 River Cruises

The overwhelming, party-style atmosphere of large cruise ships isn’t for everyone, and being stuck on the open sea for days at a time can sometimes scare people off from experiencing the wonders of water travel. Additionally, the hefty cost of transoceanic luxury cruises can put a major damper on planning a trip. River cruises are an affordable, terrific way to satisfy your wanderlust and explore fascinating places without the negatives that accompany large cruise liners.

River cruises are becoming one of the fastest growing trends in the travel industry. This is due to many factors, such as the ease of navigation through inland waterways using smaller ships, and the convenient exploration of on-shore locations that large ocean carriers could never access. River cruises can also provide a much more intimate experience that still includes fine dining and VIP service without the gaudiness of on-board casinos or theatres often found on large ships. If you are contemplating your next vacation itinerary, it could be the perfect time to book a river cruise. Here are the top 7 river cruises to try:

1. Tauck

Tauck river cruises feature all-inclusive on-board experiences and exclusive access to some of Europe’s most enchanting and culturally unique destinations. This river cruise line is known for award-winning cruises that allow travelers to flow through the heart of old Europe and explore unforgettable, romantic landscapes. The cruises tour many of the continent’s great waterways, from the Rhine and Danube to the French rivers, Rhône and Seine, and the custom-designed riverboats offer a personalized cruising experience complete with a luxurious, sophisticated atmosphere and uncommon access to on-shore excursions.

When planning a river cruise with this company, travelers can arrange all the details according to the destinations that are most desirable for their needs. For example, if people want a feast for the senses, where they can admire the Roman ruins in Provence and the flavors of culinary Lyon, then Tauck’s Rhône River Cruises will offer exactly that. On the other hand, if people want to experience a piece of Europe’s artistic history and see the French landscapes that inspired famous artists like Monet and Van Gogh, then Tauck’s France River Cruises will give travelers that option. Tauck offers wide array of destination choices, and this is one of its best features, because everyone is likely to find something they can enjoy.