Best Cell Phones Deals In Canada

by Nancy

A majority of Canadians own a smart phone, many of them androids. Some buy for technical capabilities, many buy for price, all smartphones are used more like a tablet or a computer, more so than to talk. In fact, in examining the features most people look for in a phone, communication was not on the list.  Take a look at any android phone website and note the features promoted first: camera, connectivity and battery life.

With over two hundred brands of cell phones worldwide, among millions of cellphone customers, Samsung dominates the market. The company produces a variety of top-performing android cellphones. There are other high-end trusted names in cellphone manufacturing, like Oppo, Google, OnePlus, Motorola, Nokia and LG, all making incredible android phone products.  The market is so competitive and every manufacturer hungry to set the next big trend, that it is a shopper’s paradise when searching android phones to finding the perfect one. So how can you narrow down the list and find the perfect android phone? Use this quick reference guide to help you make your choice.

What Cellphone Users Look For:

  • Screen – Size Does Matter. Most people use their phones like a small computer, or a “phablet”, first and as a communication device, second. A poll taken by NextPit showed that most people preferred a screen with a 5.5– 6-inch display.  Larger was too large, and smaller had no appeal.
  • Camera Quality. Some cellphone owners are happy to have a camera at all when it comes to their android phone.  But others are more scrutinizing. This is apparent by the attention android phone makers place on the quality of their phone cameras.  Some of them have double and triple camera systems, often delivering in HDR and cinematic quality.  Customers know this. They want specific lens features, optical image stabilization, and other components that are more far more technical.  More and more, android phones are not just a novel gadget that people communicate on, they are a critical piece of equipment.
  • Connectivity means the “capacity to interconnect between systems and platforms.” Because the top cellphone manufacture specializes in android phones, it is first in connectivity, offering 5G.
  • Battery Life is a critical feature. No one wants to be caught short with a phone that needs to be charged. Android phone manufacturers understand this and offer android phones that have rapid charging, long lasting batters, and are equipped so they can go days before recharging.

With so many to choose from, here are among the best android phones of 2020.

Top 10 Android Phones:


  1. Galaxy S10e by Samsung. Galaxy S10e is slightly more compact than its predecessor with all the great software features, speed and camera clarity.  It is available at all major retailers.
  1. Galaxy S20 by Samsung. Galaxy S20 offers 5G, a 6.2-inch screen with intense camera capability and a long-lasting battery.
  1. Google Pixel 4A. This phone has a long-lasting battery, a phenomenal camera, comes with Google Assistant and guaranteed phone security.
  1. OnePlus 8 Pro. OnePlus 8 Pro has a 6.78” screen, a camera with a telephoto lens, wide-angle lens; offers Warp Charge 30 Wireless, Snapdragon 865 and 5G, and so much more.
  1. Moto e by Motorola. Moto e is an affordable phone with lots to offer. With a 6.4-inch screen, Snapdragon 632 and long-lasting battery, this phone does a lot for a low price.
  1. Nokia 7.2. The winner of the world-renowned design prize, iF Design Award, Nokia 7.2 is recognized not only for its design and engineering but for its software security.  It offers an HDR camera, Google Assistant, Snapdragon 660 processor and state-of-the-art software means this phone’s charge lasts two days.


  1. Oppo Find X2 Pro. This phone has the Ultra Vision Camera System, long lasting battery, Snapdragon 865 processor with 5G, dust and splash resistance; it boasts the ability to withstand the great outdoors.
  1. TCL 10 Pro. The TCL 10 Pro has a 6.47-inch display, a camera with a dual LED flash, HDR and panoramic capabilities, a loud speaker, and a fast charging battery.
  1. Xperia 1 II by Sony is equipped developed by the Sony Alpha engineers to deliver cinema-quality pictures. Sony boasts that this phone sets the standard for speed in a smartphone.
  1. LG V 60 ThinQ by LG possesses a triple camera system and a battery that can last all day, with 5G connectivity. This phone can be made into a dual screened device with the LG Dual Screen, which is sold separately.