Single Parent Rent Assistance

by Nancy

We live in the modern era where divorce rates are constantly rising, and single-family homes are becoming more evident within the United States. With rising divorce rates and single parent homes becoming more and more popular paired with rent increasing steadily across the country, these parents could find themselves in a difficult spot. Many may be struggling between bills getting paid and not having enough food on the table to feed your children. To help those families that may be going through a rough patch, the government has put many programs in place to help families of single-parent households.

Many people believe that these programs are only put in place to help single mothers, but in fact, they are there to help single fathers as well. One of the bigger government housing programs is HUD, which stands for the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development. They work directly with property owners to offer cut-rate rent to families that are considered low income. Another option that HUD offers are Section 8 vouchers. If you qualify for this part of the program, vouchers are delivered directly to the renter and the renter turns in the voucher with the reduced rent that is paid by the renter. The renter then turns in that voucher to the government for reimbursement.

How to Qualify

  • Based on Income and family size
  • Total Income cannot exceed more than 50% then the median income of the area you live in
  • Median Incomes always are changing, so if you’ve been denied once you may pass in the future.
  • Eviction History
  • Citizenship Status

Outside of the Federal government programs that are in place, there are many state-run programs that are funded by the federal government. This is another option to assure that families find a house that is safe, secure, and available. Housing that will assure you and your children have a safe roof over their heads.

State and Federal governments both offer public housing, but this, for the most part, is the least desirable option for families with children. Low public housing is usually placed in areas that may not be the safest, buildings are outdated, and in areas with high crime rates.

Other programs run by HUD:

  • Asset Management
  • Capital Fund
  • Choice Neighborhoods
  • Demolition/Disposition
  • Family Self-Sufficiency
  • Homeownership
  • Housing Choice Vouchers
  • Mixed-Finance Public Housing
  • Moderate Rehabilitation
  • Moving to Work
  • Operating Fund
  • Public Housing Agency (PHA) Plans
  • Rental Housing Integrity Improvement Project (RHIIP)
  • Supportive Services Programs
  • Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP)

All the programs are put in place to help those of single-parent homes find the best homes to assure their families safety and also to have the basic benefits that every family in America should be provided with. Working water, stove, shower, and electricity are all part of the basic needs a family needs to survive. With the government having many different programs to find you a good home you are a not short on options both on the Federal and State level.