IT and Help Desk Software

by Nancy

Computer issues are a huge pain when you need to get a project done for work or pleasure. Viruses can cause your computer to run slow, overheat your computer, and in extreme cases cause your computer damage. People will often send out software to collect your information. There are many great software options that exist to help you prevent anyone from threatening your computer.

Types of Viruses

There are two main types of viruses that can overrun your computer with annoying issues that can be difficult to remove.


Adware Protection

When you accidentally download a file you did not intend to or from an untrustworthy source, it may contain adware. Adware is software that will automatically generate and open a window that you did not initiate. This type of program is embedded into your computer and usually only activates when you are connected to an online source be it Ethernet or WIFI.

There are many programs out there such as AdwCleaner, Hitmanpro if you own a windows operating system or Bit Defender if you have a mac. Many of these programs will run on your computer at all times to make sure to both prevent and clean up any possible adware that has either penetrated or is trying to embed itself into your hard drive.

Malware Protection

On the other hand, Malware is a much more dangerous type of virus. The goal of malware is to instead of promoting certain ads, windows, or displays, this software will attempt to damage or disable your computer and invade other computer systems on the same network. This is a much more threatening type of virus and is much more difficult to remove.

There is a variety of antivirus software to help prevent such attacks. The more popular names are McAfee and Norton that charge a fee for use. However, there are many free options that are a wonderful option and if you’d like to upgrade for extra security they often offer a yearly plan. Avast is one of great services to help protect your computer. It is also recommended to upgrade to Windows 10 because the antivirus software embedded into the operating system itself is secure.

Software For Larger Companies

However, if you are well versed in programs for your own computer and are looking to assist others in protection or maintenance there are also many programs available to cater to your needs. Many offices use the software on a much larger scale to help fix issues with accessibility to help prevent any attacks from happening on a network. For example, let’s say the office you are working in has 200 computers. You wouldn’t want to give everyone access because they might obtain a virus, you may want to only give each person certain permissions to only access certain areas of the physical computer or of the network. This will greatly help prevent attacks from occurring since the office worker only has certain privileges. One great integrated program system is RT otherwise known as Request Tracker. This service will allow you to manage employee tickets, give you administrative capabilities to monitor a computer’s network and will categorize things in an organized format. It will determine whether an issue is of high priority or is less pressing.

Regardless of your level of experience these are some great options for any IT or Help Desk and with just a little learning you can take care of both your own computer, home network, or office computer network.