Home Security Tips

Safety First: 6 Simple Ways To Beef Up Home Security
Home security is a major concern for everyone. Keeping your family safe and secure, as well as your possessions, is a priority. There are many ways you can try to improve your home’s security. Here are six simple things anyone can try to quickly make their home more secure.

1. Change the locks

Particularly important for renters whose homes may have many keys floating around, or for homeowners who have bought a previously occupied home, changing the locks is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to improve home security. A kit can be purchased at any home improvement store and installed by the individual, or a locksmith can change the locks. Renters should get the landlord’s permission first.

2. Install a security system

Home alarms come in many forms. Some are wireless and include cameras, sound, and motion detection. Some have audible alarms, while others contact the police if there’s an intrusion or other emergencies, such as fire or flood. Alarm systems are a great investment in home security since they often protect against multiple threats, not just robbery or home intrusions.

3. Make sure the home looks occupied

People looking to break into a home look for homes where it looks like the homeowner is away for a long time. Keeping their home looking occupied is a simple way to avoid break-ins. Timers can turn lights and other devices, such as TVs or radios, on and off at various times to keep the home active while the occupants are on vacation or other trips. Leaving a TV or radio playing can also help.

4. Keep a well-lit home

Ensuring that their driveway, walkway, and doors are well lit is one way to deter thieves. A permanently well-lit home is not an easy target. If leaving lights on all the time is not ideal, homeowners could install motion-activated lights that come on when someone is in a specific area.

5. Be cautious with a spare key

The easiest places to remember where the spare key is hidden are also the easiest hiding places to find. Homeowners should be creative, unique, and discreet about where they hide a spare key. Its location should only be provided to those who live in the home, and on a strict need to know basis to those outside the home. Alternatively, installing a keypad on which a programmed code can be regularly changed is another way to grant access while still protecting home security.

6. Use interior door hinges

Homeowners should check all external doors. If the door’s hinges are on the outside, homeowners should remove the door and either reset the hinges or replace the door with interior door hinges so that burglars can’t easily remove the hinge pin and gain entry.

A security system can provide protection against multiple threats, but the biggest threat to a home’s safety is that of intruders. Making a few simple changes to the home itself, along with installing home alarms, can best protect both family and property.

6. Use security camera systems

There are many services that sell security cameras for their home. This is the best defense against criminals. Security camera security systems are very diverse & serve multiple functions. Learn more here!