Finding the Best Cell Phone for You

by Nancy

Finding the right cell phone is something that is very important. After all, these phones are an instant gateway to the rest of the world. There are a number of important factors that you will want to consider before choosing your phone. With so many options currently available, it is important to think ahead before rushing to buy the first phone you see. These factors are detailed below.

On The iPhone

Decide What Things You Need From Your Cell Phone

This is perhaps the most basic of steps to finding the best cell phone. Make a list of all of the features you desire your new phone to have. Even be sure to consider where you want your phone to have strengths and where you won’t mind a few weaknesses.

Some features that might impact which phone you end up with include the following:

  • Screen Size: One of the first things you’ll notice about your new phone is how big the screen is. If you like watching high quality videos, it might make more sense to have a larger screen. The nicer the screen, however, the more expensive for the most part.
  • Performance: Clearly the actual performance of the phone is one of the most important things about it. Having a phone with a fast processor is ideal while also considering how much RAM the phone has should also be considered.
  • Overall Design: Design is another one of the first things you will notice about your phone. It is not necessarily as important as the first two items but it should certainly be considered when looking for a new phone. Some brands put more time and money into this than others and usually the price reflects that.
  • Battery Life: No one wants a phone with a very short battery life, but some phones specifically emphasize their long battery lives as a main selling point. If you are someone who doesn’t have frequent access to a power source for long periods of time, having a strong battery life is essential.
  • Memory & Storage Space: Memory can really fluctuate based on the individual. Being able to store a lot of files, videos, and images on your phone may or may not be important to you. Of course, there are ways to increase a phone’s memory if necessary without having to buy a new phone.
  • Camera Quality: In the age of the selfie, the quality of the camera on the phone is king. Others simply don’t mind if the quality is not top notch. Consider this before buying any new cell phones.
  • Travel Usage & Durability: For those who travel frequently, certain phones are just simply more durable. They hold up better underwater and last longer with constant usage.

Figure Out Which Operating System Suits You Best

Once you’ve decided exactly what you want your phone to look like as far as features, you need to consider whether you are going to get a phone that runs Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS. There are definitely pros and cons to each OS and if you already have Mac or Google products the choice may already be a simple one to make. These are simply the two best companies to offer OS systems, though there are more out there.

The one thing worth noting is that there are more options available for those interested in purchasing a phone that runs with Android. For example, Samsung is one of the most popular Android companies because there are so many different phones to choose from. This doesn’t make it any better or worse than Apple’s offerings, just more widely available in different models. iPhones typically come with just the one overall look, but each model just differs slightly. Both platforms offer a wide assortment of apps and features specific to that device. There are also an evolving list of phone plans that are often tied to each specific device.

Evaluate the Cost

The final thing to consider after taking stock of all of these items is the total cost of the smart phones you are interested in. Take into consideration how often you plan to upgrade it as well. You might even be able to get a discount by shopping around or waiting until a there’s a discount.

For more specifics on each individual phone out there, check out PC Mag.

Once you’ve done that, make your choice and get that new phone!