Dog Food Coupons

by Nancy

The best reason to use dog food coupons is the same reason to look for deals for any food. Since it is bought frequently, any small savings can add up to a great deal of money over time. Dry dog food and canned dog food tends to be cheaper than human food because it is rougher and has a less exacting content standard. On the other hand, canned food for dogs and cats are sometimes advertised as gourmet or nutrient rich.

It should be noted that buying brand names is not necessarily superior to buying the cheaper content. The more expensive pet food might be more nutritious or flavorful to pets, but the cheap stuff is not necessarily too fattening or unhealthy. Like human food, more expensive canned goods for pets reach part of their high price through advertising. A generic product is acceptable, and only humans care about product labels.

Where To Look For Dog Food Coupons

Someone wanting to buy brand pet food should consider waiting until deals are on the table. This can mean looking for coupons online or in magazines. Since more expensive canned goods often sell less, many stores resort to occasional discounts. Keeping an eye out for in-store discounts can be a real savings. Simply buy in bulk while an item is discounted.

Small stores may or may not use coupons. Putting coupons in the paper is an expensive form of advertising, and many small stores cannot afford this promotion. If they offer paper coupons, it will usually be printed from a laser printer and distributed in store. It might also be possible to obtain a coupon from a mailing list. Small businesses do try to promote themselves but must use less expensive methods.

Larger chain stores will pack ads and coupons into newspapers. Dog food coupons might be discovered while browsing for deals in general. Since print media is not targeted advertising, it can be a challenge to find a specific deal while browsing through distributions for adds. Coupon collecting can be a hobby in itself and sorting through them can consume a fair amount of time.

Online Dog Food Coupons

The easiest way to find coupons for specific products is to look on internet ad sites. Pet products are more of a niche than human food and obtaining coupons means looking for them specifically. The best place to do this is any place that specifically targets pet owners or else a general coupon site. This is one of the few options available to small stores.

There are dozens of websites that offer coupons for the needs of pets. A few offers deals specifically for pets. It pays to check these different sites regularly for new deals. The internet in general can be a boon to discount shoppers. Many products are sold cheaply in order to offset the price of shipping. The only problem with buying food online is the shipping costs which can only be offset by purchasing in bulk.

Large chain stores have an advantage. They bring all their products in by the truck load and so have a cost advantage as far as shipping goes. For dog food, coupons might be the best way to save money. If a discount can be obtained on an already cheap product, then all the better.