Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

by Nancy

Finding a good health insurance company that’s affordable can be easier than you think. As with most insurance companies, there is fierce competition to win your business and as a consumer you really have the upper hand.

There are many ways to find the best health insurance policies for you and or your family. Of course most people will start their search online and that is a great way to get general information on policies available to you but the best way to get the best deal on health insurance is leverage the competition that’s so prevalent in the industry and to pit the companies against each other to achieve the most competitive insurance rates possible. Let us explain.

Every health insurance company wants your business because the lifetime value of you as a customer is extremely high. In some cases insurance policies for a family can be upwards of $2000 and over the lifespan of a family that could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just one customer is equivalent to hundreds of thousands of dollars so it’s no wonder why health insurance companies will do almost anything to land you as a customer. Now that you understand the incentive for companies like these you can understand how you can leverage your business against theirs.

Checking what types of benefits your insurance has is one the most important things to do. One of the new benefits many people are now taking advantage of is virtual doctors. Talking to a doctor anytime online when you aren’t feeling well is a great option but not all insurance providers have that type of benefit. While some insurance companies offer virtual doctor visits and consultations some offer therapy sessions. These therapy session are practical and can be extremely helpful for people with busy schedules.

Health Insurance Companies

Start by researching insurance companies like United Health, Kaiser, Wellpoint, Humama, Aetna, Cigna and more. Once you have identified a top 10 list of health insurance companies you can start calling for quotes. Here is where you must get a little tricky and creative. When you start calling for quotes make sure you get the best price possible by negotiating in any way you can. When you are presented with a decent offer, write it down and tell them you’ll call them back to confirm the deal later, you just need to go over options. Next, call another health insurance company and get a quote.

When you receive the quote tell them that you’ll give them your business if they can beat the quote you received from the previous company. Of course if you want the best rate, tell the new company that you received a very fair quote and maybe even lower the numbers a bit. Again, you’ll want to receive the best quote possible and then make sure you write down the quote and tell them you’ll call back later to confirm the deal. Call every health insurance company and compare your quotes. Use your best quotes to negotiate a better rate with each new company. At the end you’ll be left with one health insurance quote that beats them all.

This process takes time but it’s well worth it. After all, you could be saving 10’s of thousands of dollars over your lifespan for you and your family. Most people will never do what it takes to get the best health insurance policy possible and that’s because it will take time and work but the pay off far out weighs the the time spent trying to close a good deal. By researching, calling and comparing quotes you could end up with a policy that is better than anyone could really ask for all because you took the time to solidify a great deal.