Beginner’s Guide To Tractors

by Nancy

A tractor is a general-purpose type of a vehicle designed to produce high power at a low-speed traction. It is like an automobile but its designed to operate off roads.

Uses of Tractors

The two major uses of a tractor are in agriculture and construction industry. In agriculture, it is used for mechanization of agricultural tasks. Examples of these tasks are plowing, harrowing, planting and hauling of agricultural based machinery.

In construction, it is used to provide bulldozing, scrapping and digging services. A tractor has a power take-off accessory by which it draws machinery and equipment. It also operates stationary machinery through this accessory.

Tractors Models

There are many tractor models on the market. It has required manufacturers to produce the best tractors to remain competitive. Some of the best tractors 2017 include:

  1. Swaraj 717

It is produced Swaraj tractors, an India based company. This tractor falls under the 20 Horse Power (HP) mini category. It is mainly used by farmers to drive implements such as rotavator, cultivator, and the sower.


  • It is a 4-stroke, direct injection engine with an engine speed of 2300 rev/ min.
  • It possesses a 2.02 to 25.62km/hr forward speed.
  • It has a dry disc braking system and is operated using mechanical steering.
  • It has a lifting capacity of 780kgs and costs approximately USD 3,745.
  1. Mahindra Yuvraj 215

This tractor is famed for its economical fuel consumption and excellent performance. It is produced by Mahindra the largest tractor selling model in the world.


  • It is also a 20 HP tractor with an engine speed like that of Swaraj 717.
  • It operates on a two-wheel drive and has a sliding Mesh transmission system.
  • It’s the cheapest tractor model from Mahindra at a price of USD 749.18
  1. John Deere 1023E

This model is produced by The Deere and Company, a company based in the USA. The tractor retails at USD 11,748.


  • It has a Powerful Final Tier 4 compliant- diesel engine with improved dual gas- charged lift struts.
  • It also has an Auto connect mid mower deck that is easy to remove.
  • Its transmission system is a two-speed kind that is easy to operate.
  1. Mitsubishi Shakti MT 180D

Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery produces this tractor model. Most tractors built by this company are mini tractor models. This model is durable.


  • This model has a selective sliding gear transmission system with an 18.5 HP output rate.
  • Its engine is a 4-stroke, three-cylinder type with a slide drive rotary system.
  1. Lovson 4 x 4 Little Ginnie

This is a mini tractor designed for subsistence farming and loading work. The tractor retails at a price of about USD 3746.


  • It has a single cylinder, four stroke engines designed to deliver a power of 14.5 HP.
  • It possesses a weight loading capacity of 2 Tons.
  • It is diesel driven with a 15 liters’ capacity fuel tank.
  • It is having a water-cooled system with a diameter of 215mm
  1. Kubota B2420 Compact Tractor

This tractor is commonly used in orchard and vineyard fields.


  • It has a 3-cylinder diesel, liquid cooled engine with a fuel tank capacity of 26 liters.
  • Its transmission system is a gear shift and a dry type single stage clutch.
  • It also has a Quarter inching valve hydraulic control system
  • It’s also possess an H-pattern gear shifting that is easy to use.
  1. New Holland Boomer Deluxe CVT 46D

It is the ideal tractor model for homeowners and part-time farmers. It has high power, enhanced maneuverability and it’s also easy to operate.


  • It has a massive gross HP of 45.1 with an engine speed of 2600rev/ min.
  • It has a three-cylinder turbo aspired engine.
  • Its transmission system is the newly developed EasyDrive Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).
  • It is also Four-wheel drive (FWD) enabled with a standard axle type.