Affordable Hearing Aids

by Nancy

You want to invest money in hearing devices, but you aren’t sure which is the best style for you. Hey, we got your back, there are a vast range of hearing aids available, enough to make your head spin. However, all of them normally fall within just a few types or styles. Each hearing aid type has different strengths and weaknesses and differing suitability for different people. The question is which is the best for you? Let’s explore the different types including the pros and cons of each one and hopefully the info will make choosing a hearing aid type an easier decision.

Hearing Aids and its Types

Today, the types of hearing aids available on the market are different and varied. Although digital and analogue hearing aids look quite similar, the procedure and processing of sound is different in each. Analogue Hearing Aids amplify electronic signals while digital aids use a tiny computer to process sounds. It is possible to customize the aid to suit one’s hearing loss with a measure of precision not previously seen. Many digital aids have different settings so that the user can program the aid for their individual needs, taking environment into consideration. Some of the more modern hearing aids will automatically adjust based off surrounding volume levels.

More About Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids are designed specifically to reduce background noises, allowing for better listening capabilities even in situations with high volume levels. Behind the ear hearing aids fit comfortably outside of the ear canal while only a small portion is actually inserted into the ear. Some models come with twin microphones which help one to switch between sound levels.  With the help of the directional setting, one can have his or her focus on whatever one wants to hear in noisy or crowded rooms. Open air fitting hearing aids often have a small and soft earpiece present at the tubing tip instead of the ear mould. It is only suitable for people with a mild hearing loss. It provides the user with a very soft and natural sound.

Hearing aids are different for different levels of hearing loss. With a severe degree of hearing loss, one may need a sort of receiver which sits in the ear mold. With the CIC hearing aids, one can almost hide it inside the ear canal but the ones who are suffering from ear infections should not be using them.

Affordable Hearing Aids

These devices are worn with the hearing aid on top of and behind the ear. All of the parts are in the case at the back of the ear and they are joined to the ear canal with a sound tube and a custom mold or tip.

ITE Hearing Aids

These are custom made devices, all of the electronics sit in a device that fits in your ear, they come in many sizes including CIC (completely in Canal) and IIC (Invisible in Canal).

Low Cost Hearing Aids

These devices are similar in concept to BTE hearing aids, with the exception that the receiver (the speaker) has been removed from the case that sits at the back of the ear. It is fitted in your ear canal or ear and connected to the case of the hearing aid with a thin wire. Some have even introduced Made For iPhone hearing aids which we will discuss elsewhere. While some of them work with Bluetooth connections, they aren’t exactly Bluetooth. However, just recently most of the hearing aid manufacturers have signed up to the single Bluetooth protocol so a standardized method is coming. There are multitudes of hearing aid sales with the lowest prices online. It is best to find hearing aid prices online! Start now.