Cleaning Jobs Are Becoming Increasingly In Demand And Lucrative

by Nancy
In this time of job insecurity, many individuals worry about making enough money to cover their living expenses and other financial obligations. Some people do not have a college degree or trade certification, and it can be difficult to find a good job that pays a decent wage for these individuals. There are some terrific cleaning jobs that many are finding ideal to suit their wage desires and scheduling needs. This article will discuss insider advice on finding cleaning jobs in your local area.

What All Is Involved with House Cleaning Services?

House cleaning offers people the chance to make a decent income without the need for advanced schooling or a specific skill set. It is not hard to find house cleaning jobs that offer flexible scheduling for added convenience. These cleaning jobs are available through actual cleaning agencies or companies and in the private sector. Since the cleaning specialist will be entering private homes, most cleaning companies require their job applicants to pass a criminal background check.

These house cleaning jobs are available both full time and part time. The cleaning duties range from light housekeeping, bigger seasonal jobs like window, wall or floor cleaning, move-in or move-out cleaning or one time jobs such as cleaning out a deceased person’s home, garage or basement for the person in charge of the estate.

If working as an independent house cleaning specialist, it is best to have your own cleaning supplies that are taken from one job location to another. Some clients prefer that their housekeepers use the client’s cleaning equipment and supplies, and house cleaners employed by cleaning service agencies are usually provided with the necessary cleaning related supplies.

Job Opportunities in Office Cleaning Explained

There are lots of job opportunities that involve strictly office cleaning work. These office cleaning jobs usually are completed during the evening hours, overnight or on weekends when the business is closed. Typically, the cleaning person completes daily, weekly or bi-weekly light office cleaning duties. These include dusting, straightening furniture, vacuuming carpeted floors, and damp mopping tile, linoleum or other floor surfaces as needed.

In addition, some office managers want any office plants watered, window washing when needed and larger jobs such as cleaning down walls or polishing hardwood floors. Some office spaces will have a separate break room which will also need cleaned along with bathroom cleanup duties. Many office cleaners love this type of work, as they can often work after hours without the bother of cleaning around other people. There are part time, full time and self employment opportunities in office cleaning.

Finding a cleaning job is not difficult. Some start their own cleaning businesses to increase their profit potential. This job requires excellent customer service skills, honest business dealings and a determination to get the job done right. Cleaning job salaries range from $10.00 per hour average to $20.00+ per hour average and up to $50,000 for self-employed cleaning company owners. Experience matters and nets higher salaries.