Why Choose a Degree in Business Management

by Nancy

Business managers, also known as business administrators, have many responsibilities. Their general job description is to keep the business running. Your overall role as a business manager greatly changes depending on the company. You are responsible for creating business plans, managing employee activity, meeting with clients and running day to day operations. In a larger company, you may work alongside other managers, who act as heads of their respective departments.

On average, business managers make between $60,000 to $70,000 a year, largely based on where they work. Business managers are not only paid well, but they also get excellent benefits. Becoming a business manager requires plenty of experience. The majority of companies want you to have at least a bachelor’s degree in business management. Advanced management positions may require you to get a master’s degree. Listed below are important skills and degree programs to succeed as a business manager.

Important Skills for Business Managers

One of the most important skills to succeed as a manager is time management. As a business manager, you are responsible for not only your schedule, but also the schedule of your employees. You must be able to focus on multiple projects at once and determine which ones require the most attention. Many business management classes focus on different aspects of workforce planning and assignment delegation. You also learn how to set both short and long-term goals for your business, which help you allocate your time and resources.

Communication is another key skill for business managers. You must be able to convey instructions to your employees, while also making them comfortable enough to share project details with you. You must also learn how to conduct meetings with clients as well as your employees. During your classes, you can expect to give many presentations to prepare you for working as a business manager.

Business managers must understand professional development. Professional development refers to your ability to observe your staff and help them improve. You must be able to bring out the best in your employees, finding ways to motivate them and reward good behavior. Many managers act as mentors, helping their employees grow and advance in the company.

Core Business Management Classes

Business management courses are divided into several programs. Most students start with the core classes to learn the basics. These classes cover everything you need to start your career as a business management. One of the skills covered in core classes is business communicating and critical thinking. During these classes, you learn how to make decisions using different forms of communication, including business letters, reports, memos and emails.

Core classes also teach you how to use common business software. This includes Microsoft Office, creating spreadsheets and databases and making PowerPoint presentations. Advanced classes cover additional software, with some courses placing a greater emphasis on remote working.

You also learn about management theory and practice. This course covers multiple areas, including developing business strategies, running marketing campaigns and communicating with your employees. Research skills are also covered, teaching you how to read information and develop strategies based on previous business reports. You also learn how to set goals and keep your employees from getting burnt out.

Core classes cover business finance, primarily focusing on accounting. Advanced classes cover additional areas, teaching you about employee salaries, offering raises and approaching investors for your projects. Some business management classes also teach the basics of microeconomics.

Benefits of Getting an Online Business Management Degree

There are many online business management degree programs, including advanced options to get your master’s or doctorate. For many students, the biggest benefit of taking classes online is scheduling. With online classes, you have much more control over when you attend classes and complete assignments. This is especially helpful if you are currently working or taking care of a family member. Another scheduling benefit is greater access to accelerated programs, allowing you to get your degree quicker.

Online classes are less expensive than in-person classes. Tuition is lower because the school needs fewer resources to run the classes. You also spend less money since you do not need on-campus housing or meal plans.

Many students have an easier time learning in an online environment. It is easier to focus if you are not confined to a classroom. You also do not have any student distractions to worry about. If you are not feeling well, you can pause your lesson and resume once you are feeling better.

You have access to more classes if you get a business management degree online. Because you are not stuck in one location, you can take classes from multiple sources. This is especially helpful if you plan on specializing and want to take advanced classes.

Finally, online classes give you practical experience you can use as a business manager. To succeed at online classes, you must be able to set your own schedule and effectively manage your time. These are critical skills you must develop to be a business manager.

Northcentral University

Northcentral has an excellent bachelor’s program in business administration. The college has flexible options, allowing you to either take individual courses for $1,296 or enroll in a full program for $26,270. The core classes place a greater emphasis on learning real-world skills, directly preparing you for common and realistic situations you’ll encounter in the workplace.

Immaculata University

Immaculata is one of the more expensive online colleges, with tuition costing around $33,000 as of writing. However, it provides an extensive bachelor program for business management, with many specialty classes. In addition to core management classes, you can also enroll in human resource, science and marketing management. There are also courses for developing emergency planning and turning around failing companies. The university also hosts networking opportunities throughout the year, giving students a chance to meet with potential employers or sign up for internship programs.

University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is an excellent online program if you want to graduate as quickly as possible. The school hosts an accelerated program, allowing you to complete courses over two months. These classes are hosted six times a year, with tuition costing between $500 and $700 per credit hour. While the school mostly has core business management classes, there are special courses for working in nonprofits and government organizations. Because it was one of the first online colleges, the university is well-equipped for online learning, with teachers who are experienced in remote learning.