What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

by Nancy

LASIK is a common laser eye surgery to correct impaired vision. Every year, over ten thousand people elect to undergo this procedure. During LASIK or Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis, an eye specialist cuts through the cornea of eye and raises a tissue flap to reshape the cornea to properly focus light onto the retina allowing for clearer vision.

LASIK eye surgery is often conducted for the people who are far-sighted (hyperopia), short-sighted (myopia), or who are suffering from astigmatism.  LASIK seeks to remove small amounts of tissue from the cornea to correct vision impairment.  In those with myopia the process serves to flatten the slope of the cornea, and for those with hyperopia the goal is to create a more pronounced slope.

For those with astigmatism, LASIK surgery attempts to smooth irregularities in the cornea, giving the cornea a more regular shape, although this is not effective for every case of astigmatism. LASIK may not be suitable if you have strong lens prescriptions, as the amount necessary to remove maybe be more than your eyes can handle.

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While LASIK is incredibly safe, any medical procedure involves risks. There are potential complications from the surgery.  Additionally, some patients may find that while the strength of prescription lenses that they need has been reduced, they still need glasses for driving or at night. Most patients will still need glasses later in life, although this is due to natural eye deterioration and not a direct result of the surgery.

Before LASIK, your doctor or eye specialist will perform an in-depth examination of your eye(s) to make sure your eyes are healthy enough to undergo the surgery. Typically, they will evaluate the shape of the cornea, as well as the thickness, your pupil size, and the refractive errors that your eyes have.

This affordable laser eye surgery costs usually around 1000-1500$ per eye from most private practices but prices may vary from clinic to clinic or based on the surgeon.  There are frequent deals on the surgery so make sure you keep an eye open for special offers.

Pros of Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

There are several benefits of Lasik laser eye surgery:

  • It is proven and works to correct vision in several cases.
  • Vision can be corrected by the day after laser eye surgery
  • It causes very little pain.
  • It provides quick and easy recovery with no stitches or bandages after surgery
  • You can make adjustments years after eye surgery for further correction
  • Most patients no longer require eye glasses after laser eye surgery

Cons of Lasik Eye Surgery

  • After laser eye surgery, changes cannot be reversed once made to the cornea
  • Corrections can be done only with additional laser eye surgeries
  • It can cause damage to the best vision
  • LASIK may not be able to fully correct or restore your vision

LASIK surgery is certainly one of the best options available for those looking for a long-term solution to vision impairment but don’t want to deal with prescription lenses or contacts.  LASIK offers you a chance to correct the refractive errors hampering your vision without the hassle and pain of most major surgeries.