SUV Models Must Go! Dealers Slashing Prices To Clear Space For New Inventory

by Nancy

Every year, there are plenty of SUV clearance models that are still sitting brand-new on lots, and dropping fast. Buying a new SUV (sport utility vehicle) can be expensive. Models are now available at low prices, but it is important to know how, when and where to look.

Most SUV automakers begin pushing the sale of new model year vehicles in October. While buying a clearance model might limit access to some of the incoming model features, the price of an outgoing SUV from one or two years back more than justifies those limited options. In a year where the COVID-19 pandemic caused major economic crises, saving money might be a priority over the latest touchscreen infotainment system.

How do you find the best SUV models at low prices? Similar to buying an SUV from any model year, comparison-shopping and research are important assets. So too is the knowledge most car dealers have also suffered pandemic-based financial damage and will perhaps be more likely to lower prices to clear lots for this past year’s models. The advantage can go to buyers armed with savvy and the ability to make the great deals even better. Read on to learn about SUV clearance models being sold at low prices and where to find dealers making special offers right now.

SUV overlooking Cliff

Buying Clearance SUVs Online

Buying a SUV online perhaps assumes the vehicle is used, but clearance deals on new models do exist. There can be minor challenges to locating them, however.  One challenge is to get past the pronounced advertising for new and current models. Some automakers do not even have new models on their respective websites, which means third-party sites such as Autotrader or Craigslist are the only places to find them online.

Carvana sells new and used SUVs, but not necessarily new models. Two ways to use a site like Carvana to your advantage are for price-comparisons and strength in negotiations. Find low-mileage listings for the make and model in which you are interested and take note of the price points. New SUVs will be more expensive than low-mileage used vehicles, but dealers will most likely want to get them off their lots as quickly as possible. Having an informed lower price point at which to start your negotiating might help you get an even better price than being offered, especially if the dealer is struggling to meet its quotas.

Knowing When to Buy

Selling cars is a retail trade, and like the majority of retail operations, certain times of the year bring about better deals. This is especially true for holidays. Memorial Day and New Years Day are the two biggest holidays for deals on cars. There is also Labor Day sales, which focus on a three-day weekend, and President’s Day sales as well.

October is generally a good month for deals and sales on recent SUVs because automakers are introducing their next year models at those times. Buying a SUV at the end of any month also increases chances of getting lower and even clearance prices because dealers need to turn over inventory and make space on lots for additional vehicles.

Monday is the best individual day for purchasing a vehicle during each week. Weekdays in general are better for buyers than are weekends. Weekend sales go up for dealers because most people are available to shop on weekends, which means they do not have to be as flexible to meet their quotas. During the week, while sales are down, pricing tends to be up to 1% more flexible in favor of buyers.

Buy Small and Premium SUVs in December

Small and premium SUVs are offered at better prices during December. By the last month of the year the next year models are being heavily promoted and current year and earlier models are taking up lot space needed for new inventory. Some models are discontinued at the end of a calendar year, or changed to different names. Some of the best deals available on small and premium clearance SUVs could be offered in December. This is true in normal years. In a year full of pandemic-related financial struggles, new cars dealers might be more willing to compete with used car prices on their clearance inventory.

Buy Midsize SUVs in May

The Memorial Day sales for SUVs make May the best month of the year to buy midsize models such as the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport or the Hyundai Santa Fe. Memorial Day sales are related to October sales in the car business. Knowing the lots must have room for incoming models, sales on outgoing models begin in May, up to six months ahead of time. Memorial Day is also the official start of summer, making midsize SUVs more seasonally popular vehicles for family traveling and road trips.

Current SUV Clearance Offers

There are many great current SUV clearance offers happening now. Keep in mind during modern times, and especially with COVID-19 social distancing restrictions still in place, most auto dealers are willing to deliver their SUVs even outside their geographical regions. While searching for great deals in your area is common, doing so should not limit you to finding SUV models at low prices anywhere in the country.

For example, Gresham Ford in Portland, OR has a Ford Flex Limited on clearance sale for $4,126 less than its MSRP. J.B.A Chevrolet in Glen Burnie, MD is listing a Chevrolet Blazer AWD RS for over $6,000 less than its original MSRP. has special offers on Mazda CX-3 Touring with delivery options. Another company,, has various September closeout offers on Hyundai SUVs and other makes/models. Patty Peck Honda in Ridgeland, MS is currently running a Honda clearance sale.

Searching for SUV clearance offers takes research, patience and reliable information. Many offers are available worth putting in the time to discover. Knowing your budget, understanding the financial climate many dealers are facing and waiting patiently for the best times to buy all help you to find SUV clearance models at low prices.