Plumbing Repair Services

by Nancy

At one point or another everyone experiences plumbing issues. Anything from a leaky pipe, a clogged drain, or a pinhole leak can really ruin your day. It is possible to repair some of the small plumbing issues yourself.

There may be a loose part that just needs a little tightening with a screwdriver or a small area in your bathroom that needs a little extra caulking. You may even have a plumbing snake handy to unclog the kitchen sink, but most people do not even know what snake and is, and if this is the case, then it might be best to find some sort of plumbing repair service.

Emergency Plumber

When To Hire a Plumber

There are many different types of plumbing repair services available depending on what your needs are. For those looking to move into a new home and want serious renovations done, often your general contractor will already have a knowledgeable plumber ready to work on any renovations or fix any issues like a cracked gasket, leaky faucet, or removing old degraded bathroom caulking and replacing it with a new layer. The costs for these services will generally be included in the general contractors quote so keep an eye out for it in the invoice.

On the flip side if you only need small work done, many handymen generally will have some basic plumbing insight, it does not hurt to ask your handyman. Generally, if he does not know if he can tackle the job he will often recommend someone that he recommends or has worked with before. If he hesitates to answer it is often a sign that he is wary of his abilities and it might be best to look for someone who knows what they are talking about.

Large Plumbing Projects

For larger plumbing issues such as a cracked pipe, broken toilet or toilet replacement, any piping issues or serious clogs the best practice is to go with a plumber. Referrals are the secure way of knowing whether a plumber is trustworthy. If you cannot find anyone to recommend a plumber you can always use Yelp, the newspaper, or another local rating service. Plumbing rates vary depending on the job but generally a plumber will charge anywhere from $50 – $150 an hour for labor, this does not include parts. They may also charge based on the job.

However, let’s say you only have an emergency clogged drain and you have people coming to visit very soon. There are many quick services that are often open 24 hours for emergencies that can come plow through any clog. These mainstreamed services such a Roto-Rooters will come out even at two in the morning and try their best to clear your pipes without making too much noise.

Regardless of whatever service you need, make sure to get everything including receipts, job descriptions, proposals, and anything else in writing. You may also want to take pictures of before the work was done just in case anything goes awry. There have been countless lawsuits over hearsay issues and it is much better to be safe than sorry.