Low Cost Cremation

by Nancy

Finding low cost cremation service companies is easy and hassle free. It’s no wonder people are choosing cremation over traditional burials. It’s affordable cremation services that are starting as low as $599 that are making it easy for people to change their future plans. Families across the country are choosing low cost cremation because companies are offering transportation included with the total package. Some companies go as far as offering estate settlement help, memorial planning help, along with forms and releases making the entire process easy on the family.

Cremation Services vs Traditional Burial

More and more people are choosing cremation services rather than burial in a cemetery because of environmental reasons. Cremation ceremonies, followed by the scattering of ashes in a cremation garden, or entombment in a columbarium, are much more friendly for the environment than a traditional burial. Here are the top benefits of choosing a cremation service plan:

Benefits of Choosing Cremation Services

  • Cremation services usually require less energy and resources. The cremation process itself consumes very little energy. Cremation doesn’t require the making of a casket, or production and use of natural land. A cremation service simply consists of cremation, then choosing a place to scatter the remains in ashes.
  • A burial in a cemetery requires the permanent use of valuable natural land that can be used for other evens. A casket, body, and personalized memorial are placed in the burial plot forever,  preventing use of the land for something that we, as a society, might need. After cremation, remains can be scattered in a memorial park, garden, ocean, or kept in your home.
  • The leading reason people choose cremation over traditional burial is money. It saves approximately 30% according to a recent survey. Cremation can be significantly less expensive, depending on location. While bargain shoppers should definitely consider cremation over traditional burial, it’s important to remember that there is always the possibility of running into an expensive prepaid cremation plan. Elaborate and luxury cremation service funerals can be planned with the use of an expensive temporary casket or a cremation casket, for example.

Cremation Services are More Popular Than Ever Before

In a time where more and more Americans are becoming significantly aware and concerned with how we use our land and recycling in our daily life, we found a direct correlation in the increase of cremation plans. Preparing for cremation can be an overwhelming experience. To prepare for cremation emotionally, a good first step idea is to consult trusted pastor or other church leader. Most western religions fully embrace cremation today and have carefully considered the issues around it when deciding to allow it. So, if a loved one is to be cremated (or if you or some other family member is considering it) almost any religious leader will be well qualified to help you cope with any emotional or spiritual issues.