How Your Mattress and a Good Night’s Sleep Impacts Your Health

by Nancy

All mattresses are not created equal. An old mattress can create a host of issues because it wears out after six to eight years. The National Sleep Foundation reports that 92 percent of people know that it’s essential to have a supportive mattress, but many people opt to save some money and purchase a mattress that doesn’t give them a good night’s sleep. Here are five health reasons for needing to have a proper mattress.

1. Reduce stress

Sleeping on a mattress that properly supports your body reduces stress, agitation, irritation, and worry because you don’t get a full night’s sleep. Experts did a study where one group of people slept on a proper mattress, and the other group slept on their old one, and those who slept on the old mattress experienced higher levels of anxiety, stress, and irritation than the new mattress.

2. Help allergies

Mattresses accumulate dust mites and dirt, which triggers allergies and can cause sneezing, a running nose, or a rash. You can try cleaning your current mattress with a vacuum to get rid of them and leftover skin cells, but if it’s too old, you might not eliminate them and need to buy a new one to replace your current.

3. Reduces back pain

A proper mattress supports your body type and how you sleep. Some are ideal for side sleepers while others are better for people who sleep on their backs. You need to have your neck, middle of your back, and base of your spine supported while you’re sleeping. You’ll notice a significant reduction in your back pain when you sleep on a bed that cushions and supports your body in all the right places.

4. Manage your weight

This one sounds a little far-fetched, but it’s a known fact that a restless night’s sleep can trigger hunger cravings while a deep sleep can inspire healthy eating habits. Less sleep causes the body to produce more of the chemical ghrelin, which causes hunger. People with less sleep tend to snack more throughout the day on unhealthy food, leading to weight gain.

5. Less pressure point

Since you and your spouse probably don’t weigh the same, meaning you have different pressure points that need support throughout the night. A mattress that is too firm restricts blood flow through your body and can lead to bed sores or cell death. A bed that is too soft doesn’t support the body properly, while a mattress that is too firm aggravates sensitive pressure points. If you experience back pain or your arm or leg falls asleep when giving your bed a test run, that’s not the one for you.

Don’t ignore the importance of buying a proper mattress for your body type, weight, sleep style, and comfort levels. A proper night’s sleep affects your day-to-day life in more ways than you previously thought.

Purchasing a mattress is easier than ever. You can order them online and they arrive in a compact box. All you have to do is tear open the plastic and let your mattress inflate to its natural form. Consider the following popular websites to get your mattress ordered online today.