Drain Cleaning Tips

by Nancy

Healthy drains in your home can save you from embarrassment and wasted time. When water flows smoothly, you can host dinner parties and guests with ease while ensuring that your daily tasks run smoothly. All of the drains in your home, including those in your kitchen, bathroom, basement and laundry room, should be cleaned regularly. Here you can find out how you can keep your plumbing flowing well.

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Why Your Drain Needs to Be Cleaned

Over time, many things can cause buildups in your pipes. In the bathroom, hair and soap scum are often top culprits in shower and bathtub clogs. Attempts to flush facial tissues, baby wipes and similar items down the toilet can lead to clogs even though you may not notice them at first. Kitchen clogs could be caused by bits of food or even grease. For a basement drain, tree roots can cause issues that remain hidden for a time. It is important to get your drainage pipes cleaned regularly. Over time, this will save you plenty of headaches and even money.

Top Signs That a Drain Needs to Be Cleaned

Although it may occasionally be quite obvious that a drain needs to be cleaned, such as when you see standing water or dirty puddles on the floor, you certainly want to try to catch this problem before it advances to this stage. Therefore, watch for the following signs to know when to contact a professional.

  • Slow moving water in the drain
  • Gurgling noises as the drain empties
  • More frequent clogs than usual
  • A visible backup of water
  • Sewage-like odors from the drain
  • Fruit flies congregating near the drain

How Often You Need Drain Cleaning

The frequency for cleaning pipes in your home depends on a variety of factors, including the age of your pipes and the amount that you use them throughout the year. For example, if only one person is using your shower and you have recently moved into a new home, you will probably be able to wait several years before you need help. However, if you have several people using the same bathroom or frequently cook and use your garbage disposal, you may want to consider professional services every year. By scheduling an annual Cleaning, you can rest easy for the remainder of the year, knowing that everything will flow smoothly.

How a Plumbing Professional Can Help

A plumber will not only be able to diagnose the exact cause of your pipe problem but also find a quick solution in most cases. Although you may think of your pipes as being strong, they can break down or develop leaks over time, especially if you live in an older home with corroded metal pipes. A professional will work carefully, helping you preserve your pipes using safe, environmentally safe methods. Incredibly, professionals will actually be able to get your drain cleaned out faster than you could on your own.

What to Expect During the Appointment

Initially, your plumber will uncover the problem causing your slow-flowing or clogged drain. He will sometimes use a camera that fits through the pipe to assess the issue. Next, he will use safe options to clear out the clog and restore drainage. In some cases, the plumber may use a long augur to burst through difficult clogs. These professional augurs are much longer than the drain snakes you can get at a local store and provide a much better solution as well.

Other times, plumbers will use hydro-jetting to break through clogs using a powerful water spray. This is clearly environmentally friendly. In addition, it is often seen as being superior to other methods because it can prevent future clogs from forming. However, it can only be used in durable pipes because the spray of water is so strong.

Getting your plumbing cleaned out regularly is important if you want to reduce pipe issues when you least expect them. While a trip to your local hardware or big box store will reveal plenty of drain cleaner options, keep in mind that these chemicals can corrode your pipes over time, leading to even bigger problems. Even the trusty drain snake may not be effective and could scratch your pipes, causing them to rust.

Instead, stick with professional help from your trusted, local plumber. Professionals will be best able to assess the true nature of the situation and create a quick solution that is safe for your pipes. Contact your plumber today if you have any concerns about your Drains or pipes.