Botox and Juvederm: What Are the Benefits of Each

by Nancy

There are numerous challenges associated with aging. As you get older, your body experiences many changes. One of the most notable changes is your body starts to develop wrinkles. Wrinkles most commonly appear along your face, but you may also develop them along your neck, arms or the back of your hands. These wrinkles develop because, as you get older, your skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity. There are a few other factors that affect wrinkles, such as sun exposure or your smoking history. Some genetic factors also influence whether you get wrinkles.

While there are many tips and tricks for reducing wrinkles, these methods typically have a small effect and take a long time to see any results. If you want to significantly reduce your wrinkles without having to wait months or years to see an improvement, there are several medical options. Botox and Juvederm treatments are two of the strongest contenders for combating wrinkles.

Benefits of Botox Injections

Botox injections rely on a botulinum neurotoxin, which causes your muscles to relax and stay still. This gives your skin a much smoother appearance and greatly reduces wrinkles along the injection site. Botox injections are used in a number of areas. For combating wrinkles, injections most commonly occur along the forehead, eyes or between your eyebrows.

There are some additional medical uses for Botox injections. If you suffer from constant headaches or muscle spasms, your doctor may recommend Botox. It is also used to address both eyelid twitching and crossed eyes. Some doctors also recommend Botox injections to combat hyperhidrosis.

Getting Botox Injections

There are numerous cosmetic clinics where you can receive Botox injections. When the procedure was first introduced, finding a clinic was significantly harder and more expensive. Over the years, the procedure has become significantly easier and safer to administer, which led to a surge in clinics. In 2016, Botox was the top nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in the United States.

Selecting a clinic uses the same process as picking any other medical expert. You can search specifically for certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons to ensure only certified experts are administering your injections. Once you find a suitable doctor, consider checking reviews online. In addition to written reviews, see if you can find before and after pictures of previous patients, so you have a better idea of what to expect from your treatment.

Depending on where and to what extent you want to reduce your wrinkles, you may need to schedule multiple injections throughout the year. Most patients commonly get three to five injections each year, with even the most extreme plans rarely exceeding six injections. The cost of each injection also varies depending on where you want the treatment and how much you want to reduce wrinkles. On average, the cost ranges between $100 and $400 for each injection.

The actual injections typically take a few minutes to administer. Botox injections show results almost immediately, with many patients noticing wrinkle reduction within the first few days. There are a few minor symptoms associated with injections. You may experience swelling or bruising around the injection site, as well as headaches or dry eyes.

Benefits of Juvederm

Juvederm is one of the safest dermal fillers on the market. Dermal fillers are most commonly found in anti-aging products. Dermal fillers contain rejuvenating components, which are directed into your skin. These components gradually break down over the course of several months, making your skin healthier. This leads to overall smoother and more elastic skin, which in turn reduces wrinkles. Juvederm is most commonly used on your cheeks, chin the corners of your eyes or between your eyebrows. You can also get Juvederm around your mouth, nose or in your lips.

Juvederm is considered one of the best dermal fillers because of how long it lasts. It is one of the only dermal fillers with the potential to last for an entire year, while other fillers typically wear off around three or four months. The prime ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a substance normally found in your body. This makes Juvederm much safer, since it eliminates the potential of allergic reactions commonly found in other fillers.

Getting Juvederm Injections

Because they are both injections, receiving Juvederm treatments is almost identical to Botox. One of the differences between the two is Juvederm injections produce notable effects within the first day or two, while Botox typically takes between three and five days. Juvederm injections are more expensive, costing around $600 to $700 for each injection. The side effects for Juvederm are also similar to Botox, including minor pain, itching or tenderness in the injected area.

Choosing Between Botox and Juvederm

Both Botox and Juvederm are safe, effective wrinkle treatments. At a glance, Juvederm is more expensive for individual injections, but the injections typically last longer than Botox, so you may save money if you require only one or two Juvederm injections. For most patients, the decision comes down to what clinics are available, as some either specialize or offer better prices for either treatment. When you are selecting a clinic, speak with your doctor to determine which process is recommended.