Best Online Dating Sites & Benefits

by Calyn Ehid

It’s 2018, and a number of us find love online today. With technology becoming an integral part of our life, online dating is the preferred format for most people. There is no dearth of free online dating sites that let you date online and find your partner. So long as you’re not underage, these serve people from all walks of life. Online dating sites have seen memberships across all age groups. Here are 3 great reasons why you should try your hand at online dating.

Reason 1: It’s A Pressure-Free Scenario

After a couple of dates online, you’ll be ready for a face to face conversation at a coffee shop. When you actually meet, you don’t meet a stranger—you would have already opened up at least a little through online chats. So, it’s sort of like meeting a friend. This camaraderie takes off the pressure that normally comes with a blind date.

Reason 2: People Are Honest

It is easy to track a person online through social media. Most online daters are very honest about themselves. Be it their age, physical attributes or habits, they are open to sharing them online. This gives you the benefit of knowing the person well, helping you to decide is they are right for you.

Reason 3: The Odds Are Ever In Your Favor

Studies have revealed the success of online dating. Long term committed couples have met online; 1 out of 5 singles have dated someone they met online. A large chunk of the dating population are confident about finding their soulmate online. Studies have also revealed that online daters enjoy higher self-esteem, are outgoing, and put more value into their romantic relationships. If you’re exploring connections, online dating is one of the best options for you. Meet people online, match your preferences, strengthen the bond; then, you can go on a ‘traditional’ date, meeting the person you’re already familiar with!

How to Stay Safe When Using Online Dating Services

Online dating is here to stay. But some people are concerned: while these dates entertain and help you find someone, they come with a couple of risks as well. When you put up your profile on dating websites, everyone has access to this info.

It’s best to have some security measures in place. These can protect your identity from people you want to keep away from, helping you connect only with people you want to consider relationships with.

Here are 5 crucial online safety and security tips.

Tip 1

Utilize your dating app’s security features to the maximum. Most dating websites have inbuilt security features that let you block people from viewing your profile. Check the privacy settings, and enable all of them to ensure safety.

Tip 2

The best way to keep your dating emails from clogging your primary mail account is to have a disposable email account. All your dating-related mails from the dating service, and from the people who want to contact you, are maintained in this separate account

Tip 3

If you have already established a connection with someone, then you can safely share your phone number.

Otherwise, use a proxy phone number. This way, people you don’t need can’t fish for your location or identity. You can obtain a Google voice phone number; this can route the calls to your personal mobile number. As a matter of fact, you can get this for free.

Tip 4

Disable the location tracking feature. Your photos, including that cute selfie you use as a profile photo on the dating sites, are geotagged. This makes it easy for others to track your location. It’s best to remove the geotagging feature on your camera photos. Also disable the location-tracking feature on your smartphone to ensure even better safety.

Tip 5

Limit the amount of info you share; this helps you safeguard your privacy. Too little info about yourself won’t get you too many responses, though. Too much info can be a compromise on your privacy. Strike the right balance.