Different Ways to Update Your Bathroom

by Nancy

As the new year approaches, many home owners are beginning to consider their options for remodel and renovation around the house. The bathroom is often an overlooked part of the home, hardly ever receiving remodels or upgrades until items need to be replaced. There are many traditional ways to remodel a bathroom, ranging from renovation to simply upgrading existing items. These upgrades include changing hard ware in the room, such as replacing fixtures, or even replacing your old wall paper. If changing the existing hardware and appliances isn’t enough to breathe new life into your bathroom, a popular option for homeowners is to remodel elements already in the room.

If you are looking for a visual improvement for the room, a popular remodel idea with homeowners can be to simply remodel the flooring. Upgrading the flooring can cause the entire theme of your bathroom to change. If you are looking for a more functional change, consider replacing an old toilet or upgrading your water worn cabinets. These changes can improved utility to your home and even reduce water usage. Simple changes to your bathroom can give it new life. In this article we will go over seven of the most popular ways you can remodel your bathroom.

1. Toilets

Toilets are often one of the first items on a renovation list for homeowners. Given the rising cost of utilities, it can be a good idea to replace your older unit with a more water efficient model. Newer models use less water per flush and can reinvigorate your bathroom with new life. Upgrading your existing unit is a great way to change the look and feel of your bathroom by choosing models that are more aesthetically pleasing. A commonly used method of replacement is centered around matching the new models color to fixtures ant tile design. This can create a very personalized look while, at the same time, cutting costs on water each month.

Another great option for simple renovations is to utilize a half wall to hide the unit. By using a half wall in your bathroom, you can take the focus away from your toilet, and draw focus to the more important items such as a vanity or beautiful cabinets. For instance, if your home has a beautiful tile bathtub, removing the toilet from immediate view can increase focus on your tile bathtub. Half walls are simple non-load bearing walls that can be easily added to any room in your home.

2. Shower

Shower renovations can be a great addition to any home, both as a way to change the look of your bathroom and to cut water costs. Replacing heads and water fixtures in the shower can be a great option to make your home more efficient, and new fixtures can be color coordinated to match the rest of your room. Some other ideas for renovations include replacing your older bathtub with a new model, or by removing the bathtub all together and opting for a walk in shower. Walk in showers are an excellent way to change the entire look of your bathroom.

3. Counter Tops

Replacing counter tops is another great option for bringing new life into your bathroom. Most counter tops will only get replaced after years of use, but by replacing your counter tops this year, you can drastically alter the appearance of your bathroom. Counter tops are one of the first things people notice when first entering, and having stunning counters can draw attention away from some of the less beautiful parts of your bathroom. Opting to replace your old synthetic plastic counter with stone, or stone veneered, tops will give a more earthy appearance, while replacing the counter with colored tops will give you the ability to match colors between items in the room.

4. Mirror

Mirrors are one of the most used items in our homes, and are also some of the most overlooked items. Upgrading your existing mirror can be an easy change. While the mirror itself can be replaced, simply adding a trim frame around it can be enough to make an old piece look new. On top of adding trim, you could also opt to install a vanity on your counter. Vanity’s are a great way to get your existing piece off of a wall and closer to the people who use them. By making some of these simple changes to your mirror, your bathroom can transform in an instant.

5. Flooring

Upgrading your flooring is always a great way to change the look and feel of your bathroom. If you are currently using a linoleum floor, consider moving to a tile or hard wood floor. Tile is a great option due to its water resistant nature, and can give a more regal feel to your bathroom. While hard wood flooring is not traditionally considered for this type of renovation, in recent years composite materials that mimic the appearance of wood have become popular options. These composite materials are water resistant, and can give a unique and more natural look to your room.

6. Cabinets

Cabinet upgrades are a great way to re-imagine any bathroom. Most bathroom cabinets are built from ply or particle board and then coated with a wood grain veneer. This veneer is not always water resistant, and condensation buildup can cause the veneer to slowly peel away. A great option to fix this problem is to install well built models made from a solid wood. Choosing cabinets that are not veneered will ensure that you do not have to re-veneer them later down the road. By choosing hardwood options, you also eliminate the need to replace potentially water damaged wood.

7. Baths

Bath tubs are a staple for most bathrooms and are usually the centerpiece. Replacing bathtubs entirely for newer and better looking models is generally practiced, but in recent years home owners have begun to simply replace old hardware on tubs. Changing knobs and fixtures is a great way to improve the look of any tub. If you are in the market for a new bath, consider models that can be upgraded to include sliding doors or other elements that you may want later. When upgrading your bath homeowners should always make sure that their new bath meets their space requirements and will mate with existing plumbing.