7 Ways To Safely Remove Bees

Bees are essential insects. They play a significant role in balancing the ecosystem and facilitating pollination. However, they can be a downright danger and a nuisance if they are allowed to build their nests around people`s homes. While there are many ways of removing bees, people should use safe techniques to ensure their continued existence. There are 7 safe bee removal techniques.

  1. Calling a Beekeeper

With the declining honey population, calling a beekeeper is the best bee removal technique. The professionals will come to your home and harvest the bees without harming or killing them. Beekeepers often remove the nest and the bees by cutting and transferring honeycombs into a box hive.

  1. Trap the Bees

In some cases, it is difficult to find a willing beekeeper who can remove the bees from your place. You can, however, re-direct bees into a box hive and move them away. This process requires creating a mesh wire with an exit cone that directs the bees into a hive. A replacement nest is also positioned at the end of the cone to facilitate the survival of the bees.

  1. Use a Vinegar Spray

Vinegar spray is one of the safest bee removal methods. It is essential to wear protective gear to prevent stings. This because the bees will be agitated.

  • Mix vinegar with water.
  • Use a spray bottle to sprinkle the mixture in your garden.
  • Spray the bees` nest at night because the bees are dormant.
  • Apply the mixture to plants and flowers near your home.
  1. Use Cinnamon

Sprinkling ground cinnamon around your house and the hive is a safe bee removal technique. Cinnamon has a smell that repels bees. The bees often relocate their colonies after the application of cinnamon.

  1. Plant Bee-Repelling Plant

Bees are attracted to flowers and sweet-smelling plants. You can replace such flowers and plants with others that repel bees. You can also plant flowers that do not attract bees. Mint is a good example.

  1. Smoking the Bees

Smoke and incense are the oldest bee removal techniques. Beekeepers use smoke to harvest honey because the insects vacate their nests calmly. You can apply fragrance in your house to keep them out before smoking their nest at night.

  1. Use Soap and Water

A solution of soap and water can melt the exterior of the wax. This is used to destroy part of the hive and make the bees` nests inhabitable.

While the techniques are important, the best way to keep bees out of your home is to make them uncomfortable. Never allow them to form a hive near your house. Use the techniques to relocate them to other places before they build their nests.