7 Reasons To Purchase Travel Insurance

Vacations often come with unexpected surprises, and the added expense of an accident can be an unwanted burden. You may want to consider purchasing travel insurance if you have had an incident on vacation in the past, experience medical problems, or your job has an unpredictable workload. Spend less time on vacation reducing stress and more time enjoying once-in-a-lifetime experiences with loved ones.Here are seven reasons why purchasing travel insurance might be a good idea for you.


To secure the best deals on vacations, users are often prompted to prepay for some or all aspects of the trip–including rooms, rental cars, and airfare–in order to get the discount. This prepaid discount is shown to users in the form of a non-refundable price. There may also be a refundable price nearby that, while is typically more expensive, allows shoppers to cancel their reservations without penalties.

Sometimes, promises have to be broken when an external circumstance like illness prompts a person to cancel their reservations, hence the need for trip cancellation insurance. This coverage type works by allowing a person to be reimbursed for non-refundable trip costs that were paid at the time of booking. Without trip cancellation insurance, those expenses would otherwise be forfeited in the event of a cancellation, thereby inconveniencing the user.

Often times, trip cancellation insurance is actually cheaper than the difference between a refundable fare and a non-refundable fare. In other words, you would still save money purchasing trip insurance with a non-refundable fare than you would purchasing the refundable fare by itself. But travel insurance provides a variety of other benefits alongside the ability to make changes, even if a trip departs as scheduled.