Water Delivery

by Nancy

If you are concerned about the cleanliness of water that flows through your tap, your concerns are unfortunately well-justified. Some people notice unusual smells, a strange tint or even floaters when they fill up a glass. Even when the liquid is perfectly clear and odorless, it could have some particulates and elements that you may not want to ingest. The most convenient way to overcome this common problem is to set up delivery service for jugs and bottles, and you can compare service providers to make a great decision based on your needs.

The Healthy Way to Hydrate

Regardless of whether your home draws from a well or it is linked to public utilities, the liquid that you pull from your tap may be filled with numerous particles and contaminants. Keep in mind that the pipes that it flows through before reaching your faucet can be decades old and lined with gunk. In addition, public utilities providers often have standards that allow for the presence of trace elements like lead, chlorine, cadmium, mercury and many others. Pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other unhealthy contaminants may also be present. Even in trace amounts, many of these elements can have harmful effects on your health. This may be particularly true when you are exposed to them for a longer period of time. The unfortunate reality is that your tap likely does not provide you with the healthiest way to stay hydrated.

The Benefits of Delivered Bottles Versus Tap Filtration

The perfect solution to this problem is to drink purified and filtered liquid that has been sourced and treated according to the highest standards. Some people prefer to install a filtration device on-site so that they can reduce particulates and contaminants from a central location as the liquid enters the home. Faucet-mounted filtration systems are also available. The on-site filtration solutions require you to keep up with filter replacement and equipment maintenance. When the filters are filthy or when the equipment requires other types of service, their filtration and purification abilities are diminished. On the other hand, bottles and jugs that arrive at your door are ready to use or to consume immediately. Because of this, delivered bottles and jugs are a more convenient solution for many people. In addition, before you set up service, you can research your provider’s standards so that you know exactly what you and your family members are drinking.

The Right Service for Your Needs

While there are a few well-known water delivery services that you could connect with, there are other lesser-known service providers that may offer comparable or superior services depending on your specific needs. When you compare service providers, you will quickly notice that some of these providers offer a subscription service for individual bottles, for jugs or for a combination of both. A subscription is a convenient solution if you do not want to be responsible for keeping up with your supply and placing a new order as needed. If you are interested in ordering large jugs, the provider may deliver a dispenser to you when you establish service. Some of these dispensers have temperature controls. While cost is understandably a significant concern as you set up service for your home, you will appreciate the benefits of the service more substantially when that service closely meets your needs. If you set up a subscription or ongoing service, pay attention to the length of the contract and your ability to adjust your plan as needed.

Different Purification and Treatment Processes

You should not assume that quality is comparable across all of the delivery service providers. Some providers use natural springs as a source, and others use a treatment or purification process for treated water sourced from the tap. Through the treatment and purification steps that they take, you can expect these companies to provide you with a cleaner product than what you can draw from your tap. However, the specific purification steps and the source used will affect overall quality. Before you place an order for bottles or jugs, take time to carefully research the providers so that you can make a healthier selection.

The ability to have immediate and convenient access to clean water on demand is essential for optimal health. Single-serve bottles and larger jugs can be delivered to your front porch on demand or according to a regular schedule, and this makes it easy for you to keep yourself and your family hydrated the healthy way. Explore the many providers and their services today to identify the right service for your preferences and needs.