Top Rated Vehicle Tracking Devices

Vehicle Tracking Device Deals

The pricing of a vehicle tracking device can vary depending on many different factors, if you have a large fleet of vehicles, your monthly payment may be higher than if you were just to purchase the technology for one vehicle. Our vehicles tracking technology uses one device that is placed in the vehicle, then from a computer or cell phone/smartphone you are able to download the appropriate software or application and track the speed and location of the vehicle in real time.

We promise that our software and technology is accurate and top of the line, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will fully refund you and work with you on how we can improve! Like standard GPS models, vehicle tracking software will calculate the quickest and most economical route to the required destination. Some of the more advanced tracking kits give employers an update in real-time as to how much fuel is being consumed, making it easier to forecast fuel costs and allowances.

Car & Sear Covers to Protect Your Vehicle

This type of tracking puts the employers and managers back into the driving seat by giving them more eyes on outgoing business, more knowledge and more control. It gives them an up to date view of all business geographically in real-time and, as such, lets them assume control of every single vehicle simultaneously. Vehicle tracking unit, drivers, employers and managers can be notified well in advance of any upcoming traffic problems, diversions or closures, allowing them to react more quickly to avoid such an obstacle and limit the detrimental effect such an eventuality may have otherwise had on the business of the day. Car covers protect the vehicle from all the elements. Seat Covers also provide protection from daily wear & tear.