Top 8 Acne Treatments

While acne may be common, experienced by everyone at least once in their lives, that doesn’t mean that coping with an outbreak is simple. In fact, the condition of acne causes several different types of pimples and each one may be affected differently by any treatment. For instance, blackheads emerge, when a greasy substance is secreted by the sebaceous glands in the skin. The substance clogs up the pores, creating blackheads. When this occurs in smaller pores, whiteheads are formed, instead. In rare instances, pimples can develop into a more serious inflammation that can produce tender or swollen skin. Called cystic acne and developing beneath the skin, this condition can result in a deeper infection, if left untreated.
There are plenty of myths surrounding acne, particularly in regard to the causes. While many people believe a poor diet, overactive sexuality, or bad grooming habits contribute to acne, this simply isn’t true. In most cases, the condition is the result of hereditary factors and hormone imbalances. This is why an acne outbreak is most common for teenagers. As they reach the ages of puberty, hormone production is boosted, creating a perfect condition for the development of pimples and other symptoms of acne. The male hormone, androgen, which is present both males and females, raises testosterone levels in the body. The testosterone, in its turn, encourages production of sebum, the oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands.
This means eliminating chocolate from your diet and scrubbing your skin every night may not do much to control the condition. Even though you may be predisposed to develop acne and common myths won’t help you resolve your condition, there are several treatments that are effective. Since every treatment won’t work for every person, you may have to experiment with a number of options to determine which one works best for you.

1. Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay

One of the most celebrated treatments for acne in recent years is Aztec Secret’s Indian Healing Clay. It comes in powdered form, which is then mixed with water, or it can be mixed with apple cider vinegar. The primary ingredient in the powder is calcium bentonite clay, which has a strong restorative effect on the skin. Once the powder is mixed into a cream, it can be smoothed over the affected areas of the skin. Typically, the mask is left on the skin for 15 minutes, although users may adjust that time, depending on the sensitivity of their skin.
How well does Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay work? According to the label, it’s the “world’s most powerful facial” and, as it’s applied, you’ll “feel your face pulsate” with healing power. While that may sound like advertising hype, customers seem overwhelmingly satisfied with the product’s real world results. A search on YouTube can return a long list of results, posted by happy consumers eager to share their before and after images. If you would like to try this product, but are concerned about applying harsh chemicals to your skin, you can rest easy. This product is also guaranteed to be 100% natural.