Shampoo Options for Damaged Hair

by Nancy

Healthy hair is a part of self care. Conditions such as weather, harsh chemicals found in hair products, and over-manipulation are just a few of the things that can lead to hair. The good news is that the damage can be undone and doesn’t require a big chop. Excessive hair damage can damage the hair cuticle. This makes hair look dull and frizziness. Such hair is also has a harder time maintaining moisture so self care products with natural oils are required to restore the hair back to its healthy state.

Styling Your Long Hair

Which Shampoos to Use for Damaged Hair?

Shampoos that contain tea tree oil are excellent candidates for an ideal hair cleanser. Tea tree oil is a potent oil extracted from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree and has many applications in beauty and medicine. Products that contain tea tree oil unclog the pores and help to remove any product build-up. Tea tree oil also helps to promote blood flow. Application of tea tree oil products creates a tingly sensation. This is the feeling of increased blood flow which facilitates a healthy environment for hair to grow.

Splint ends and other signs of lifeless hair can be due to a lack of nourishment. Nutrients should first and foremost come from a healthy diet that incorporates enough water and a variety of foods. This will allow hair to flourish. A keratin-rich product will supplement the hair and scalp with additional nourishment. The hair is made from the protein keratin. Products that contain keratin will help to fortify the hair. Stronger hair is less susceptible to breakage.

Oils and Haircare: Which Products to Try for Your Hair

Carrier oils such as argon, Jamba, coconut, and olive oil are few the many ingredients that should be included in a healthy product. Oils are sealants. They trap moisture which allows the hair to stay hydrated for longer periods of times.

The pH level of the scalp is different from the rest of the body. Products that have a balanced pH level between 4 and 6 are ideal for interaction with the scalp. This ensures the pH level of the scalp is maintained or restored.

Self care products that contain shea butter or sugar strengthen the hair. Shea butter is a very moisturizing product. It may seem unusual at first but sugar is an effective ingredient because sugar attracts moisture from the air.

Which Shampoos to Avoid

Products that contain sulfates should be used sparingly. Sulfates are good chemical agents however they all strip the hair of its natural oils. Chemicals and dyes should generally be avoided. There are some necessary chemicals and peptides that products should have to prevent separation of the ingredients. If a product has more than 50% of its ingredients end in ethanol, then it will not be good for damaged hair. Ingredients that end in ethanol are alcohols and can be harsh to the skin. It’s quite simple to spot a product that is not good for damaged hair because many of its ingredients are not natural.