Learning About Different Rehab Facilities

by Nancy

Learning about different rehab facilities prior to being admitted is an important step in getting the most out of your substance abuse treatment program. Ultimately what you get out of rehab depends a lot on what you put into the program.

That being said, having unrealistic expectations of what a rehab facility offers compared to the reality of what it is like once inside has potentially devastating consequences on your path toward recovery. The life of an addict is often full of disappointment and repercussion-based mistakes, whether unintentional or intentional. Negative experiences inside a rehab facility because you did not understand what to expect are completely avoidable by asking questions and doing some research prior to entering.

The first significant step in overcoming your substance abuse or other addition issues is admitting you have a problem. The next important step is choosing the best rehab facility for your needs. If you are interested in learning about different rehab facilities then read ahead for information about the different rehabilitation situations available and what to expect from rehab once admitted.

Comparing Rehab Facilities to Detox Treatment Centers

It is easy to confuse detox treatment centers and rehab facilities. There are important distinct differences between the two, however. Detox, or detoxification treatment centers, provide a medically supervised cleansing of your system through the use of vitamins, intravenous (IV)-administered fluids and other medicines designed to counteract withdrawal symptoms and residual effects of various drugs. Stays in detox centers are usually shorter-term, lasting for several days through one to two weeks depending on the severity of the addiction and residual chemical damage.

Stays in rehab facilities involve programs focusing on brain patterns, behavioral actions and the reshaping of your thoughts. Individual and group therapy sessions are also mandatory. There are medical and medicinal regiments employed in rehab facilities as well, but a primary focus is on the development of coping skills and processing mechanisms as a means of preventing relapse and future dependency issues.

Important Things to Know When Searching for Rehab Facilities

Choosing to enter rehab is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Rehab facilities are not miracle centers, however, and there are many important things to know when searching for a rehab facility for the treatment of your addiction issues. There are both U.S. state and privately operated rehab facilities. The environment in some facilities is harsh and regimented. In others, the atmosphere is more relaxed and almost resort-like. There are schedules to which you must adhere in every rehab facility, however. Meals are served in supervised group settings because most rehab facilities do not allow food in client/patient rooms.

The cost of staying in a rehab facility is expensive when entering without insurance. In fact, it is not possible to enter the majority of rehab centers without insurance or the ability to pay up front and out-of-pocket. For the struggling addict finally willing to admit he or she needs help, this is truly one of the most frustrating aspects of recovering from substance abuse. The system does not make getting the help you need easy. If you do not have insurance and cannot afford rehab without it, it is necessary to apply for insurance prior to applying for entry into rehab. This process takes time to complete. During this time of unfortunate waiting, many addicts willing to start recovery relapse, regress and are forced to reengage in the battle for recovery at a later date. It is important to stay the course and focus on your recovery goals instead of the red tape surrounding the rehab felicity entry process.

There are also in-state and out-of-state rehab facilities. Your insurance dictates which facilities you are able to attend. You might not always get your first or second choice. It is important to find a rehab facility matching your needs. This also might not be completely possible. While this might all sound negative, it is simply the truth. There is no point in hiding the truth from an addict willing to face the truth about and overcome his or her own addiction. The most important takeaway is that rehab facilities willing and able to help you do exist. It is also important to focus on how many insurance providers now consider stays in rehab facilities as viable treatment option.

Reality vs. Fantasy – What Most People Expect from a Rehab Facility

What most people expect from a rehab facility and what rehab experience is really like are often two distinctly different things. Many people expect to enter a rehab facility and be fully healed and in recovery soon thereafter. Some addicts also expect the rehab process and facility staff to do most of the work for them. This is, frankly, not going to happen. The reality of rehab vs. the misplaced expectations many have of it is often devastating to the continuing recovery process for many addicts. It might be a cliché but what you put into rehab is largely what you also get out of it. It is unrealistic to think the adverse impact of years or decades of substance abuse will be magically cleared up with a week or month spent inside a rehab facility. The reality is your stay in a rehab facility is only the beginning of your recovery process.

Many people also expect to enter rehab once and never need it again. This is ideal but to at least some degree also unrealistic. The reality is forty to sixty percent of addicts entering rehab for the first time will relapse at least once. A staggering seventy to eighty percent of addicts never complete rehab treatment at all. Taking the first step to enter rehab is by far a crucial and important part of your recovery process. Understanding the reality of the process is close behind. Relapse does not equate to failure. The best rehab facilities are designed to help you help yourself. The process is physically and emotionally painful, challenging and fraught with adversity. The rewards for a successful recovery are equal in amounts of positive power, joy and relief.

Expectations Once Admitted to Rehab

Your expectations once admitted to rehab are best broken into several categories. This helps you mentally and emotionally digest your expectations in manageable portions. It also helps more readily temper your expectations on the side of reality. Expectations once admitted to rehab need be applied to yourself, others around you and rehab facility itself.

Expectations of Self

The beginning of addiction recovery is often defined as the moment where the fear of staying the same becomes stronger than the fear of changing. Expect yourself to be willing to fight for your recovery while also simultaneously resisting it. Expect your feelings to go up and down. It is acceptable to take time to process it all. Expect to move forward while simultaneously feeling held back. Most of all expect continuous progress of yourself but not perfection.

Expectations of Others

Other people around you inside rehab are also struggling and suffering. Expect their stories to shock you. Expect to connect with some of them and dislike others. Expect some staff members to be kind and others to be harsh. Most of all expect everyone inside of rehab to be a mirror for your own experiences and needs going forward. Mostly expect the majority of others around you outside of rehab to not understand your experiences as an addict. It is important to move forward on your own accord.

Expectations of Your Rehab Facility

Expect the rehab facility to help assist you on your path to recovery. Rehab is not a miracle-working network. The process and programs inside rehab teach you to cope with your flaws. They teach you to deal with mistakes without being self-destructive. There are 12-step programs. There are religious-based rehab facilities. There are expensive, privately funded rehab facilities focusing on esoteric healing methods. There are state-run rehab facilities covered fully by your insurance albeit with strict rules and an uncomfortable atmosphere. Do not expect a rehab facility to do your work for you. It will not and can not. Expect your rehab facility to help give you the tools to build a clean and sober life full of prosperity, happiness and opportunity. Expecting the truth at all times is a realistic approach and one allowing for rehab facilities to serve you, and your recovery, in the best ways possible.