Best Crossover SUVs of 2019

by Nancy

What makes the Crossover SUVs so attractive to buyers? Crossover SUVs are a subcategory within the SUV lineup. They are an SUVs with a unibody frame, making them lighter and much better on gas mileage. If you’re looking for a vehicle with more pull than a wagon, but more room than a truck, a crossover SUV might just be the best option. Below is a list of the best Crossover SUVs for 2018.

SUV overlooking Cliff

Honda CR-V:

This is the best small sized SUV, with a price point of $24,045. Some of the features it comes with include lane-assist, lane departure, and blind spot warnings.

Tesla Model X:

This Tesla crossover is the best midsize SUV, with a price point of $79,500. With Tesla’s innovative technology, it is more than worth the price. This fully electric SUV has a range of 295 miles and can fit up to seven people.

Land Rover Range Rover:

If you’re looking for a beast, you’ve found it. This crossover has luxury and power all in one package. Some of the features it comes with are LED taillights and backseat tech for your passengers. Its price point is $85,650.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid:

Gas efficiency is key with this crossover, price starting at $41,995. This vehicle has a unique feature that allows you to choose an all electric drive option. The range of all electric is 33 miles, plenty to get you to a gas station. When you combine the battery with the tank, this crossover comes in at 84 miles per gallon.

Volvo XC90:

This crossover is the safest SUV to drive. Its price point begins at $45,750. It is designed with ultra-strength steel and has a front crash prevention alert system designed to keep you safe. It can detect pedestrians and apply the brakes for you if you don’t react in time.

Lincoln Navigator:

Looking for luxury? This crossover comes in a $63,515 and is the best luxury SUV for 2018. One of the trims available is called “Yacht Club” if that doesn’t scream high class and comfort to you.

Lexus RX 450H:

The best in the pack for hybrids is this Lexus, at $53,035. It has third row seating and can go 31 miles per gallon city driving. The ECVT manages the gas even better than years previous.

Honda Pilot:

This is the best family vehicle, starting at $47,470. This crossover has a 3.5-liter, direct-injected i-VTEC V-6 engine with variable cylinder management, offering 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. This monster will get your family where you need to go.

Acura MDX:

For third row seating, this crossover is the best. Its price point starts at $44,050. This model has a five-star rating for overall safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Safety for the entire family.

Subaru Crosstrek:

This crossover starts at $21,695, and is overall the best crossover out there this year. You can order this crossover with manual transmission, and keyless entry with push-button start.

Toyota RAV4:

Reliability is really important to car buyers. So this crossover is the most reliable and starts at $24,410. The naturally aspirated engine is a solid 2.5-liter four-cylinder and will give you 176 horsepower and 172 lb-ft or torque.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk: The last crossover in this list goes to the best performance. Coming in at $86,995, this model can get up to 707 horsepower. The seating is inspired by race cars, to give you an extra boost.

These vehicles are a unique twist between the two main classes of vehicles. Crossover SUVs are a great option for both individuals and families. If you have been struggling to find a vehicle that fits all of your needs, stop looking, the crossover is here for you.