Best Audio Products

by Nancy
The new year is here and you’ve already begun planning the spring and summer road trips. Here are some of the best headphones, wireless and Bluetooth speakers for this year. These top competitors have the best noise reduction, sound range and crisp audio to go with affordable price points.

Top Headphones

Sony developed the WH-1000XM3 headphones to be 20% lighter and have better noises canceling property’s. The better noises canceling makes calls in noisy bus depots or airports much easier. The battery life is strong with its 30 hours ready for any long journey where power wont be available. The WH-1000XM3 has very clear audio and a deep bass to compliment. For its value of $350 the WH-1000XM3 from SONY is among the top headphones.

The M-200 from V-Moda is the only set of headphone here that is wired only. They feature 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets, fine tuning by Roland engineers and CCAW voice calls. The M-200 is high resolution audio certified by the Japan Audio Society. The ear cups are cushy with nice deep bass with very detailed audio. These headphones are among the most crisp and precise sounding out there. Priced at $350 the M-200 is a steal and certainly makes top 3 for best headphones.

Top Bluetooth Speakers

V-Moda makes the list again with their supreme V-Moda Remix. This Bluetooth speaker can be customized starting at the base aluminum model at $300 up to the platinum finishes for over $300,000! Past the looks and you’ll find the V-Moda Remix sounds great with tons of bass. The battery life is the an ideal 10 hours making party and events no problem. Even better the Remix allows for crisp calls through its flashy speakerphone.

Sonos came onto the playing field with its first Bluetooth speaker. The Sonos Move comes with rich bass and precise audio powered by a 10 hour battery. The speaker works with all major steaming services booming any playlist you decide on. It has a seamless Bluetooth to Wi-fi feature and Alexa support. The best feature the Sonos Move is the Auto Trueplay. This automatically tunes the speaker to what you’re listening to based on indoor or outdoor locations. These Bluetooth speakers come in at just about $400 making them a bit pricier but nonetheless worth it.

Top Wireless Speakers

The next on the list is the UE Wonderboom filling the role as a high quality but less expensive option. This speaker comes in at a reasonable $100 and provides ample volume and bass depth. This 4 inch speaker delivers crisp vocals and covers a good distance. It’s capable of surviving up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes and its resistant to dust. These features make the UE Wonderboom a must have for this years’ road trips. The battery life is an impressive 13 hours making traveling with the Wonderboom 2 a breeze.

Finally the last wireless speakers to mention are the Sonos One at $200. This is the Wi-fi model which can link to other Sonos models. Users can create a multi-room audio system with no wires. The Sonos One comes with Amazon, Alexa and Google Assistant to check the weather or how the traffic is before your commute.