7 Tricks to Finding Cheap Hotel Deals

You’ve finally decided on a destination for your next vacation. Now all you need to do is find a great hotel at a reasonable rate. Unfortunately, for many people, this is often the most frustrating part of planning a vacation. Some websites don’t exactly make it easy to find the best deals and prices often change on a dime. Buy at the wrong time and you could end up paying a lot more than your fellow bookers. Likewise, if you rush to snag a deal that seems to good to be true, without doing your research first, you could end up having a really unpleasant trip with a lot of added complications. Fortunately, finding a great deal on a room doesn’t have to be a big production or take significant time out of your day. There is an art to finding cheap deals. With these seven clever tips at your disposal, you can master this art so that you’ll never again have to overpay for a hotel.


1.Day of the Week

Chances are you probably haven’t given much thought to which day of the week you are looking at deals. But failing to do so could cost you some serious cash. After delving into Expedia’s data, analysts have found that there is actually one day of the week that is notably better for booking a hotel: Sunday. This may come as a surprise given that most people are off from work on this day and are therefore more likely to have time to book a hotel on this day. However, Sunday is the best day to book travel-related activities, including a accommodation. With this in mind, you should also consider looking into flights or even flight and hotel packages on this day. The savings can be significant. You can also save money by including a Sunday night in your reservation or by booking a weekday stay or as part of your flight or train arrival date when booking transportation to your destination. So the next time you feel like taking all of Sunday off, make sure to set aside some time to find the best accommodation. Doing so is likely to yield some serious savings and make both you and your wallet happy.