Types of Engagement Rings

by Nancy

When it comes to engagement rings, or truly, any diamond jewelry there are a few elements that you need to be figure out before you go to the store.  One of the most important is going to be the budget for the item that you are buying.  Next, you want to consider what the person you are buying the ring for likes and would wear.  And thirdly, have they dropped any hints of what they would like?


Popular thought is that you should spend the equivalent of two months wages on an engagement ring. But truly, it is up to you what you spend on a ring.  These days, it isn’t always the person doing the proposing who buys the ring or who picks it out.  Many couples choose to go to the store together to find something they like.  The person who is going to wear it may want an item above the spending budget and decide that they will pay the difference; some couples split the cost 50/50.

The cost of the ring is going to depend on a variety of different factors. There will the 4C’s in regards to the actual stone — cut, color, clarity and carat but also the material the ring is made out of and how many other stones are included.  For instance, a ring with one big stone but lower quality may cost less than a ring with a smaller middle stone and twenty surrounding stones if the middle stone is better quality.  If you get a ring that has a platinum band versus a yellow gold band, you will pay more.


Consider what the person who is going to be wearing the ring would like.  Are they someone who loves jewelry and would love anything?  Do they typically wear yellow gold jewelry or do they prefer silver as you may want to consider platinum instead of gold for the setting (silver is too soft for a diamond).

Maybe your person isn’t someone who wears a lot of jewelry and prefers something simple.  If this is the case, you may want to stick to a single stone for the ring instead of one that has one bigger middle stone and a bunch of little ones surrounding it.

Another thought is if you want a ring that has a matching wedding band and band for the other person.  If this is important to you, you may want to ask the sales person to only show you those options.  You may want to ask about bands that they recommend to go with the engagement ring as sometimes there is no good match and you will need to get something custom made.


If your partner has given you a hint of what they would like when it comes to engagement rings, it is a good idea to consider this.  While you may think that you have better taste than they do, there is likely a reason they picked that particular one(s) that you should take into account.