Top Halloween Costumes of 2018

by Nancy

Halloween is just around the corner, and you might be wondering what the best way to show off your holiday spirit is. Any true Halloween fanatic knows that the best way to impress your friends, or give them a good scare, is an amazing costume. But what should you choose? Whether you are looking to make your own costume or buy that perfect outfit, the right costume is a must. Here are just a few of the most popular Halloween ideas for 2018:


  1. Deadpool: You can’t go wrong with a superhero costume. While not the scariest, Deadpool certainly has just a bit more cringe factor when compared with other super heroes. Add on the fact that he’s the start of a wildly popular and successful movie franchise, you can be sure that any Deadpool costume will be well received at any party.


  1. The Nun: If you are looking for a scarier option, The Nun may be perfect for you. The film is a recent release and still fresh in the minds of most movie goers. What better way to spook your friends then with a creepy creature straight out of the Conjuring Universe?


  1. Laura Croft (Aka: Tomb Raider): A yearly favorite, Tomb Raider costumes are for those looking for a bit more of a risqué look. With the most recent Tomb raider movie released, the costume isn’t just a niche look this year. You are sure to get recognition and attention if you chose to get yourself a tomb raider costume.


  1. The Incredibles: A family friendly option that can literally be worn by the entire family, The Incredibles costumes are sure to be hot ticket items this Halloween season. After the long wait for the second installation in the Incredibles franchise, you can be sure you’ll see plenty of red on Halloween. And while the effect of a full family of Incredibles look alike is something to behold, nothing is stopping you from donning a suit on your own and hitting heading out to a party or trick or treating.


  1. Wonder Woman: The 2017 movie Wonder Woman was a massive hit. Who are we kidding, it still is a massive hit, and you can be sure that more than one amazon warrior will be out on the streets protecting the innocent and collecting delicious treats. Who wouldn’t want to be one of the most badass warriors to ever come out of any super hero franchise?


Honorable Mention: Pennywise, for Stephen King’s IT: For those looking for a costume on the scarier side, there is very little more disturbing than a clown. And what clown is more terrifying then Pennywise from the movie IT? We sure can’t think of one. Pennywise is a sure fire way to scare your friends and be the talk of the party.