Online Degree Program Types

by Nancy

There are many different types of programs, certificates, schools, and degrees available online. The three best online courses are an Associate degree, a Bachelor Degree, and a Master’s degree. These are basic degree, will provide more career opportunities in the students chosen field, and increase salaries. The Associates degree is generally earned first, then the Bachelor degree, then the Master’s. It is important whatever online school, or program is selected be accredited. Many institutions, in numerous fields will not accept a non-accredited degree.

The Associate Degree

There are three types of Associate degrees. Associate of Arts, or AA, Associate of Applied Science, or AAS, and Associate of Science, or AS. These differ according to the requirements, and courses. The AA, and AS degrees focus more on general education, and academic requirements. The AAS has more practical courses, and specializes in a specific field, or career.

The Bachelor Degree

The most common Bachelor degrees are a Bachelor of Science, or BS, a Bachelor of Arts, or BA, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, or BFA. This degree takes approximately four years full-time to earn online, and is an undergraduate degree. Students must complete approximately forty courses, or 120 semester credits to earn this degree.

The Master’s Degree

This is an academic certification awarded when a student completes their field of study. The student must have mastered all the specialized knowledge required for their field. The online classes for this program are extremely challenging.

A Master’s degree is the highest degree in a filed. The most popular Master’s degrees are a Master of Science, MS, or MSc, and a Master of Art, or MA. Most online universities offering a Master’s degree are accredited, and provide courses in all different areas of study.

The career you are seeking with likely determine the type of online degree program you need to pursue. For more information about this, simply contact the school you are interested in and their guidance counselors can help you select the program best fit for your career aspirations. Simply visit online school options via the button below.