How to Treat Hypertension

by Nancy

Blood pressure is measured using a blood pressure monitoring device such as a blood pressure cuff around your arm. To be diagnosed with high blood pressure you have to have a blood pressure above 120 or higher. The treatment of choice for blood pressure issues is to take medication that lowers your blood pressure. High blood pressure is easily treatable with this medication. To walk around with blood pressure that is too high could result in a stroke. Strokes ruin your memory, as well as your mental health to a degree because your brain will no longer be able to process information as well as it used to. 

Treating High Blood Pressure for Hypertension

To treat high blood pressure involves the simple act of taking a pill. Using a blood pressure monitor at the store may not always provide a proper reading. Primary hypertension is the first of two kinds of hypertension while secondary high blood pressure can appear suddenly instead of lurking for many years. High blood pressure can make the patient feel wound up. Anxiety is one side effect of having high blood pressure. Sometimes high blood pressure can also be caused by medications. Genetic disabilities causing birth defects can also cause blood pressure to be high. 

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

High blood pressure can cause headaches. This disorder can also run in families. Symptoms include having a headache, fatigue, and confusion. Other symptoms are vision problems, chest pain, and difficulty breathing. An irregular heartbeat is a sign of high blood pressure. Blood in the urine is a severe situation that requires going to urgent care or the ER. If you hear pounding in your chest or ears, this is another bad scenario that requires the fact that you need help because this health problem could result into a stroke which is an even worse health problem than hypertension. 

Treatments for Hypertension

Do not stop taking blood pressure medication. You need to continue treatment in order to keep the possibility of a stroke away. High blood pressure can cause a crisis. Organ damage signs include confusion and strokes are indeed the worst of the worst-case scenario that can be. High blood pressure can cause heart failure, chest pain, and fluid in the lungs. Heart attacks can result from high blood pressure symptoms if it gets very bad. Sometimes over the counter medications can make blood pressure go up. A hypertensive emergency is shown when a patient has a headache or blurred vision first off. 

If someone is confused, that is a symptom of a huge crisis. It is necessary to tell a health care provider all about the herbal supplements that you are taking in addition to all prescription medications. Eyes can swell and bleed with a high blood pressure crisis in full bloom. There are intravenous blood pressure medications that can be given through IV. Organ damage can be treated with therapies specific to the organ that has been damaged. Treating high blood pressure involves using calcium channel blockers among other treatments. A low-salt diet is key to managing high blood pressure.